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Mollusque-Lanceur in Super Mario Odyssey
Full name Brigadier Mollusque-Lanceur III, Dauphin of Bubblaine
Species Gushen
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Portrayed by Tsuguo Mogami
“Owie-wee! Try all you want, I will never surrender the delicious Sparkle Water!”
Mollusque-Lanceur, Super Mario Odyssey

Mollusque-Lanceur[1] (French for "Mollusk Launcher"; also referred to as Brigadier Mollusque-Lanceur III, Dauphin of Bubblaine[2]) is a giant, well-dressed, purple Gushen who is a boss in Super Mario Odyssey. He is presumably related to the similar-looking cosmic creatures called Astro-Lanceurs.

He initially appears atop the large glass chalice in the Seaside Kingdom, sucking the Sparkle Water from it with a bendy straw, driving tourists away. In order to stop him, Mario must hit several glass case-protected ground-pound switches scattered throughout the kingdom, which will cause a giant cork to be shot onto his head. Mollusque-Lanceur will attempt to stop him by launching shells that explode after a short period into the water near Mario. Once Mollusque-Lanceur has taken enough damage, he will leave the tower to confront Mario directly, now with a large puddle of lava on his head, and without his hat.

In battle, Mollusque-Lanceur swims around, occasionally spitting a shell or drill-like cone shell. To defeat him, Mario must capture a Gushen and use its water to clear the lava off of his head, exposing it. From there, Mario can either keep pounding his head with the water, or Ground Pound his head, until eventually, he is defeated. However, he can spin to escape Mario's attacks for a brief moment. When he is defeated, Mario, in his normal state, will appear on top of Mollusque-Lanceur's head, which rapidly begins to inflate and glow before exploding, sending Mario and the Multi Moon flying over the chalice, where they are suspended by its Sparkle Water.

The rematch in the Mushroom Kingdom takes place in the sky instead of the ocean. There is only a single Gushen for Mario to capture and one piece of solid ground. Mario must remain in the air at all times as he fights Mollusque-Lanceur again, but because it is constantly raining in the area, the Gushen has an infinite water supply and it refills at all times. When Mollusque-Lanceur is defeated again, he will explode, releasing the Multi Moon.

Official profiles and statistics[edit]

“When Mario pops all four corks, they're sent smashing into this boss's head, provoking him to fight. He flies around, firing missiles.”
The Art of Super Mario Odyssey, page 236


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホーダン伯爵
Hōdan Hakushaku
「ホーダン」is a pun on「ホースイ」(Hōsui, Gushen) and「砲弾」(hōdan, cannonball), referring to his shell-spitting attack, and「伯爵」means noble "count".

Chinese (simplified) 炮弹伯爵
Pàodàn bójué
Count of Cannonball

Chinese (traditional) 炮彈伯爵
Pàodàn bójué
Count of Cannonball

Dutch Mollusque-Lanceur III
Mollusque-Lanceur III (also shortened to M.-Lanceur III)
French Bombopode, Duc de Pétillance
Bombopode, Duke of Bubblaine
German Kunibert von Krak
Kunibert von Octo
Italian Capitaine Polpidù
Captain Octodù
Korean 포탄백작
Potan Baekjak
From "포탄" (potan, cannonball) and "백작" (baekjak, count); translation of the Japanese name

Russian Моллюск-Лансье

Spanish Brigadier Pulpierre III
Brigadier Octopierre III


  • Due to the boss battle taking place throughout the whole kingdom, this is the only boss battle in Super Mario Odyssey to have 8-bit music.
  • In concept artwork, Mollusque-Lanceur is portrayed with an unused red coloration.[3]
  • During the fight in the Seaside Kingdom, none of the NPCs can be spoken to and the Crazy Cap shop will be unavailable as Dorrie is "too scared to work."


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