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This article is about the taxis in Super Mario Odyssey. For other uses, see Taxi (disambiguation).
A Taxi in Super Mario Odyssey
A taxi under Mario's control

A taxi is a type of car found in Super Mario Odyssey, resembling the Crown Victoria, a car commonly used for taxis in North America. Taxis are most prominent in New Donk City, where they can be found parked or driving around the city. Their drivers will stop and honk their horns if Mario gets in their way. If Mario jumps on top of a taxi, it will bounce him in the air. One particular taxi has an orb with a question mark on it and can be captured. Upon doing so, Mario can use the taxi to drive to a sub-level. In said sub-level, there are multiple damaged taxis that cannot be bounced on. These taxis can be destroyed by Sherms.

Another taxi blocks a capturable manhole that leads to the Underground Power Plant until the player finds all four Power Moons from the band members. This taxi cannot be captured, nor does it honk at Mario. However, it can be jumped on to launch Mario into the air higher than usual.

In the post-game, taxis with sails fly around in some kingdoms. Zooming in on them with binoculars causes a Power Moon to appear. These taxis appear in the Cap Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, and Lost Kingdom. Also during the post-game, a Tostarenan tourist known as the Desert Wanderer travels between several kingdoms with a taxi-driving New Donker and gives Mario Power Moons in each location when spoken to. He travels to the Metro Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom before returning to the Sand Kingdom.

The taxis' license plates read "1981," which was the year Donkey Kong, the game upon which New Donk City is based, was released.

A taxi variant of the car appears as obstacles in Mario Kart Tour in New York Minute 2T and New York Minute 4 and in the Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in Tour New York Minute. Additionally, the Yellow Taxi, Platinum Taxi, Red Taxi, Rose Taxi, and Rainbow Taxi are karts in the former game.

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, multiple taxis can be seen parked around the New Donk City course.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タクシー
Chinese 出租车 (Simplified)
Chūzū chē
計程車 (Traditional)
Dutch Taxi -
French Taxi -
German Taxi -
Italian Taxi -
Russian Такси
Spanish Taxi -


  • During Snapshot Mode, if the coin filter is used while the player views a damaged taxi, the license plate numbers will change. During development, the texture of the license plate was changed for both the standard and damaged taxis, but the damaged taxis still use the original normal map. The coin filter removes the texture, showing the original license plate design underneath, which has "6258" instead of "1981."[1]