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Not to be confused with Torkscrew.
Torkdrift in Super Mario Odyssey
Species Mechanical Spindrift
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Torkdrift, Super Mario Odyssey

Torkdrift is a robotic UFO resembling a flower, and the second boss of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Its name is a combination of the words "torque" (corrupted spelling) and "drift," respectively referencing the instant access to maximum torque that machines powered by electricity can use and either its method of movement or the fact that it is a mechanical Spindrift.

During the "Path to the Secret Flower Field" cutscene, Torkdrift can be seen flying into the field. It vacuums up most of the flowers in the Secret Flower Field. When Mario reaches Torkdrift, he captures an Uproot and smashes the robot's glass core repeatedly, thus aggravating it. It then demands it must capture all of the flowers, and begins to fight Mario.

In battle, Torkdrift attacks by aiming and firing laser beams at Mario. Mario must use the Uproot to smash the three orbs encircling Torkdrift, causing it to flip over. Mario must then smash Torkdrift's core. It will then launch a vertical laser beam that creates energy shockwaves that Mario must vault over while still as an Uproot. Mario must then repeat the process two more times. When Torkdrift is defeated, it will explode, releasing all of the stolen flowers and the Multi Moon.

In the Peach's Castle rematch, the arena is surrounded by four stacks of three Pulse Beams, which release shockwaves when hit by Torkdrift's laser beams. When Torkdrift is defeated again, it will explode, releasing the Multi Moon. Small flying saucers that resemble Torkdrift can be found at both the Moon Kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom, where they function similarly to little birds, where they will fly away if Mario gets too close.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカフワフワさん
Meka Fuwafuwa-san
Mecha Spindrift
Chinese 机械飘飘花 (Simplified)
機械飄飄花 (Traditional)
Jīxiè piāo piāo huā
Mecha Spindrift
Dutch Torkdrift -
French Aspirafleur From "aspirateur" (vacuum) and "fleur" (flower)
German Mechaflori Mechaflower
Italian Turbofiore Turboflower
Korean 메카둥둥이씨
Meka Dungdung-i-ssi
Mecha Spindrift
Russian Летоверт
From "лететь" (letet, to fly) and "вертеть" (vertet, to spin), also likely an anagram of "вертолет" (vertolet, helicopter)
Spanish Roboflor Roboflower


  • Before the fight with Torkdrift begins, if Mario captures the nearby Uproot, he can stretch to pop himself onto Torkdrift's upper half. Once on top of a metallic petal, Mario can jump up to the spire at the very center of Torkdrift's being and throw and hold Cappy on it to produce a Heart accompanied by a train whistle sound effect. This is only possible to attempt while Torkdrift is occupied stealing flowers and not during the battle at any point.
  • Once Torkdrift is defeated, a piece of its remains can be found at the Forest Charging Station.