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This is a list of glitches in Super Mario Odyssey.

NOTE: All glitch names are unofficial unless otherwise stated.



Talkatoo Camera Lock

If Mario performs a Cap Throw at Talkatoo and talks to him at the same time, the camera will lock into place.[1] Additionally, if Mario performs a backflip and quickly turns the camera to face Talktoo, he will be standing in midair. This glitch can be used to cheat the Jump-Rope Challenge in the Metro Kingdom and get a maximum score of 99,999 jumps. The player can return to regular ground by shaking their controller or pressing Y Button and can end the glitch completely by entering into another area such as the Crazy Cap shop or speaking to someone else. If the player performs this glitch and performs a Cap Throw at a scarecrow, the screen will move the position as it normally would and freeze there instead. If the player performs this glitch and captures a pair of Binoculars or a spark pylon, the screen will not move and inside the Binoculars the vision is that of usually inside a pair of Binoculars.[2]

As of the February 21, 2018 update, this glitch has been patched, with the worldwide and friends rankings for the Jump-Rope Challenge having been reset.


Freeze Time

If Mario captures an enemy and collects a Life-Up Heart on the same frame and then decaptures the enemy, all enemies will become frozen and non-collidable and all moving objects will also become frozen. Mario will be able to walk on the surface of Lava without taking damage and no enemies will hurt him. If Mario falls into an abyss, his Health Meter will deplete to zero, however he will keep falling forever and the only way to get out if this happens is by quitting and restarting the game as the player is unable to access any pause menus.

As of the February 21, 2018 update, this glitch has been patched.

Frog Swimming in Air

If Mario manages to capture a frog in midair while bouncing on it at the same time, he can swim in the air. This glitch lasts until Mario de-captures the frog. If Mario manages to perform this glitch in the Darker Side, he can skip the vast majority of the level. Additionally, if Mario travels out of bounds while performing this glitch in the Darker Side and de-captures the frog, he will fall indefinitely without even taking damage, and if the player attempts to pause, Mario's and Cappy's models on the pause screen become increasingly corrupted.[1]

As of the February 21, 2018 update, this glitch has been patched.

Gushen Bouncing Indefinitely

During either battle with Mollusque-Lanceur, if Mario de-captures a Gushen, then recaptures it just as it falls onto Mollosque-Lanceur, he will indefinitely move upward. The player cannot de-capture the Gushen nor can they pause the game, and the only way to exit the glitch is to turn off the console.[1]


In the Wooded Kingdom, there is a Fire Bro inside a cage the player is meant to open with Cappy. If they use a glitch to get out of bounds and reach said cage while still having Cappy though, they can then capture him and position him near the gate to get him outside the room.

Once this is done, the Fire Bros' AI then breaks, and he ends up being invincible to Mario's jumps or attacks. He also jump upwards when Mario lands on him, which in turn causes Mario and the bro to rise into the air at a high speed, letting them reach various otherwise inaccessible areas.[3]

Wall of Water

On a window in the Water Plaza in the Lake Kingdom, if Mario slowly inches closer to the outside, Mario will appear to be underwater, then return to land. If Mario now tries running out, he will be pushed by the water into the plaza, and cannot run out until he backs up, jumps, or crouches.[4]


Barely Grabbing the Key

During Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2, if Mario manages to grab a key precisely just as time runs out, the game will freeze, though the player is still able to move the camera. To end this glitch, the player must close the software on the Nintendo Switch menu.

Bowser Deserter

Warning!: Performing this act may corrupt your game's save files.

In the Bowser's Moon Wedding objective, if Mario falls into the lava just as he is about to capture Bowser, the game immediately crashes.[1]

Defeat a Captured Piranha Plant

Warning!: Performing these acts may corrupt your game's save files.

In co-op mode, if the player playing as Mario captures a Poison Piranha Plant or a Fire Piranha Plant, the player playing as Cappy can defeat it. Cappy can still move around, but the game will freeze and eventually crash if Cappy gets stuck in a different Piranha Plant.[1][5]

Take Letters Anywhere

In New Donk City's park, there are five letters spelling out Mario which can be captured and controlled. If the players lines these up so at least one is on the boundary of the park and the 'M' is facing towards the Odyssey, they can use a scooter to push said M into the other letter. By doing this, they'll be able to capture the letter and take it out of bounds, letting them bring it anywhere they want in the city. This then has various effects throughout the level.

Breaking the Jump Rope Challenge

For instance, they can take said letter to the Jump Rope Challenge area, and then uncapture it as soon as the mini game starts. By doing this, Mario ends up on top of the letter while the game is going on, which counts him as being in the air and lets him rack up points without having to do anything.[6]

City Warp

Players can also warp to the secret area with the Sherms by bring a letter towards the capturable Taxi. That's because the area's warp only checks if the player has captured anything, not what enemy or object they're actually in control of at the time.

RC Car Escape

If the player uses multiple letters and the scooter near the RC Car pen in the city, they can also push the letter through the pen's walls. This then lets them push the RC Car around, or if they're going fast enough, take it outside the pen and anywhere they want in the city.[7]

Breaking the Jump Rope Challenge 2

By taking the RC Car out of the pen, the player can also bring it to the Jump Rope Challenge mini game, and bounce on it while the game is active. By doing this, they'll be able to continually bounce on the car to rack up points, breaking the mini game in a similar way to the other glitch.[8]

Letter Superspeed

The player can also launch one of these letters at high speed by capturing it after a taxi has driven into its hitbox, and then moving it so the hitboxes don't overlap anymore. This can cause them to blast off the edge of the level or shoot straight through walls and loading zones.[9]

Loading Zone Block

By dropping a letter in a manhole and then uncapturing it as it falls in, the player can land in the manhole without activating the warp to the new area, since the letter is blocking the loading zone.[10]

Clip Anywhere

Getting the "A" out of bounds lets you clip into any building by facing the steeper side of the A towards the desired wall, and falling in between the A and the wall. The A will force Mario into the wall.

Out of bounds

Floating Hammer Bro

In the Luncheon Kingdom, there is an area with some Hammer Bros and some cheese rocks the player has to break for a Power Moon. However, if Mario takes two turnips there, then places them in just the right way that lets the Hammer Bro bounce onto one and then the other, he ends up floating off into the distance.[11]

Gushen Respawn

If Mario manages to defeat a Gushen, he can stand by the respawning point and capture the Gushen just as it respawns, he can move through any barriers he would normally collide with.[1]

Glydon Pole Clipping

In the Sand Kingdom, there are various areas in Tostarena Town where a climbable pole is positioned a few feet in front of a building. If Mario takes Glydon between these two objects, then keeps jumping while facing away from the wall, he can get pushed inside and out of bounds.

Paragoomba Clip

There were two out-of-bounds glitches found in the Cap Kingdom. After the update, one of them was patched, although the other still works. The player must go to the back of Top-Hat Tower and go through the door. Once in the back room of the tower, they must capture a Paragoomba and go near the exit of the entry, then keep moving towards the right corner of the wall and the player should be able to clip out of bounds.[12][13] This glitch is also possible without capturing a Paragoomba.[14]

Release Clip

If Mario uncaptures an enemy while partway inside a wall, it is possible for him to end up clipping out of bounds. This can be used in most kingdoms to get out of bounds, including:

Snow Kingdom

In the Snow Kingdom, where Mario can take a Ty-foo and bring it to the edge of the ice column with the door leading to a bonus area. If he then makes the enemy blow air into the wall and then upcaptures it while in the middle of the animation, he is launched out of bounds.[15]

Lake Kingdom

Next to the underwater dome, there is a small opening in the wall blocked by a few pegs. By taking out these pegs, and then taking a Cheep Cheep into the edge of this opening, the player can make it swim upwards and uncapture to clip through the wall and out of bounds. This can also be done with the opening blocked by a zipper on the opposite wall, though that is more difficult to pull off.[16]

Seaside Kingdom

Near the lighthouse in this kingdom, the player can find an underwater door to a bonus area. If they take a Cheep Cheep to this door, position it just on the edge and uncapture the fish as it swim upwards against the ceiling, they can then clip the wall and out of bounds.[17]


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