List of Yoshi's New Island glitches

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This is a list of glitches in Yoshi's New Island. Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Box softlock

In World 3-4: Slime Drop Drama, if the player pushes the crate released from the Item Balloons in the first room close to the ledge and press +Control Pad down while standing under the lower platform, Yoshi will be trapped, forcing the player to return back to the world map.

Defeat Big Beanie without removing vines glitch

If the player battles Big Beanie with 3 or more eggs, with the Golden Flutter Wings, and touches the giant spiky vine that is blocking Big Beanie, Yoshi will jump over it and be behind it, and the player does not have to remove the vines in order to defeat him properly. Yoshi just has to aim and throw 3 eggs at Big Beanie and then he will be defeated without having to bypass the vines.

Early Tap-Tap the Golden animation glitch

If Yoshi gets to the right-hand side of Tap-Tap the Golden in Bowser's Castle Break-In in the narrow corridor he is encountered in, his walking animation is slightly different. It is more like that of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Fall through platform glitch

If Yoshi goes to Bouncy Beanstalk Walk and enters a pipe that infinite Shy Guys come out of, they have to jump to the right side or the left side along while touching the ceiling, Yoshi will fall through the platform.

Inside Smiley Blocks glitch

This glitch is only found in Beware the Boo Brigade. If the player jumps when a smiley block is about to crush him, Yoshi will go inside the smiley blocks. If the player jumps, they will fall out of the stage and lose a life.[1]

Pass through spikes glitch

In the level See Poochy Run! while ducking under spikes, if the player has Yoshi stick out his tongue, he'll pass through the spikes for a short time.

Simultaneous death and completion glitch

If the player has Flutter Wings or Gold Flutter Wings after defeating Big Beanie, they must flutter to the gap without touching the ground, and then the player will die and beat the boss at the same time.

Through the wall glitch

If Yoshi goes to Beware the Boo Brigade and stands on an edge of a smiley block, sometimes, he might pass through the wall.