List of Super Mario Kart glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario Kart.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Bounce and end

In Donut Plains 1, the player must steer to the right, hit the wall, and hop continuously. If done right, Lakitu will count a lap almost every second.[1]

Continue boost

The player should pick up a Mushroom, then use it and hop very close to a corner. If done correctly, the player will always be facing left regardless of whether or not they are steering and will be under the effect of the Mushroom longer than normal. The player should get a time of a lap under 10 seconds.[1]

CPU stuck in endless loop

In Mario Circuit 2, during a Grand Prix, the player should place a Banana Peel just before the big jump near the end of the course. If done correctly, one of the CPU characters will get stuck in an endless loop of failing the jump (due to having to avoid the Banana Peel) and trying again.[2]

In the rare case that Princess Peach throws a Poison Mushroom just before the jump, this glitch will also result in all the CPU characters being stuck in the endless loop as long as the Poison Mushroom is there. When the Poison Mushroom is taken, the glitch ends.

Driving after losing

In Battle Mode, the player needs to hold the gas before, during, and after they lose their last balloon. Sometimes they will be able to continue driving around and battling. If the player erroneously presses the A Button button, they will go to the menu, but they will still be able to drive around until they press another button.

Drive forever

The player must be in Battle Mode and select one or two players. Either player needs to lose all of their balloons; when they do, they should keep pressing the accelerate button. If their timing is right, it is possible to continue to drive around even without any balloons.[3]

Glitched lap counter

Glitched lap counter
A demonstration of the glitch in Mario Circuit 4

By doing any of the other glitches (except the CPU loop glitch), Lakitu will occasionally show glitched lap counters such as "LAP 05" or, rarely, "LAP 16". "LAP" is normal, but the part of the panel that displays the lap number is missing, and the digits are small, stacked, and displayed in red.[1]

Invincibility music

There should be two players racing. One must pause while the other should be under the effect of a Star. When the effect runs out, the Star jingle will still play.

Lap around the start

The glitch works in Ghost Valley 1. The player will need a Feather and possibly a character with a high handling stat, such as Koopa or Toad. They should be next to the Start line, possibly to the far left, and use a Feather to end up behind the lap. If done correctly, they will have completed a lap simply by doing this.

Lava finish

In Bowser Castle 1, the player will need a Feather and be in the fourth lap near the Start line. They should use the Feather to jump to the left. If done correctly, the race will finish.[1]

OB double lap

In Mario Circuit 2, the player should go near the jump to the end and go as far left as they can. If they finish out of bounds, Lakitu will count two laps.[1]

Save time by falling

In Ghost Valley 1, the player should go to the right while hopping and fall. Their position will decrease, but after they place eighth, it will go back to 1 and Lakitu will count the lap.[1]

Turn off music

In any two-player game, after Lakitu gives the green light, the player must keep mashing Start Button in both controllers. Occasionally, the music will not play.

Unidentified flying balloons

In Battle Course 2, if the player jumps out of the course with a Feather, they will be picked up by Lakitu and they will disappear from their opponent's screen, but their balloons will remain.