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It has been requested that this article be rewritten and expanded to include more glitches. There's way more glitches than the ones currently here. Look at Stryder7x's YouTube channel for good examples of more glitches in Paper Mario (tagged on September 25th, 2017 at 19:12 EDT).

This is a list of glitches in the game Paper Mario.


Treasure Room Freeze Glitch

In Bowser's Castle, if the player tries to enter the room with the door to the treasure before the lava has been cleared, they will take damage while also triggering the enter area script. The treasure room will appear, with Mario nowhere to be found; the game will freeze a second after the player entered the room, crashing into a debug screen.[1] The debug screen does not appear in the Virtual Console release.

Herringway Glitch

Using the Herringway Glitch, Herringway can be morphed into a normal Bumpty or become invisible. This can be performed when the player pauses the game right after Mario and Herringway go into the mayor's room; this can also be done right before initiating a conversation with the detective during Chapter 7. If invisible, he will reappear when the room is left. If Herringway becomes a normal Bumpty, the game will freeze when the mayor gives him the present, and a debug screen will follow. The debug screen does not appear in the Virtual Console release.

Koopatrol Princess Peach

Koopatrol Peach.png

In the Chapter 6 event during the Intermission, if the player times the parasol right when the Koopatrol spots Princess Peach, she becomes a Koopatrol, but they still treat her as Peach. This also works on a Hammer Bro in the library; this is the result of a lack of landing sprite for the Koopatrol.[2]

Li'l Non-Sparky

If Watt uses her Electro Shock on an enemy and it fails to do any damage, she will not have any lightning bolts emanating from her, which performs the Li'l Non-Sparky glitch. This has been tested on fake Magikoopa clones and Bowser under the influence of the Star Rod.

Shiver Region Toad to Normal Toad

In Shiver City or Starborn Valley, the player should go into the Toad House and take a nap. After the nap, the player should pause the game. The Shiver Region Toad should then become a normal Toad. This does not affect anything within the game.

Negative Damage

To perform this glitch, the player must have the Charge and Ice Power badges equipped. Leveling up FP and having FP restoring badges and items is also recommended. The player must continuously charge their jump ability's attack power until it's attack is high enough. Jumping on a fire enemy (such as an Ember) will cause Mario to do -1 and -0 damage, being 101 and 100 damage respectively.


Swim out of Bounds

To Swim out of Bounds, the player must go to the very end of the snow in Shiver City, then jump and hold or repeatedly tap C Down. If done correctly, Sushie will land under the dock. Mario and Sushie can then swim anywhere, but can not enter pipes. The glitch ends when Mario goes back to the dock.

If Mario tries to go to Shiver Mountain, they will land in ice and cannot hit the switch, this can be remedied by swimming below the back wall and going around the switch. If Mario goes to the Frost Piranha-populated part of Shiver Snowfield, the slopes will not be easy to pass, requiring diving below the "water" in different places to try to get past. Going down the slope in this area makes it difficult to get out. Encountering an enemy, but finishing with Sushie still as the active party member will temporarily cancel the glitch, but it will reactivate after going through a loading zone. However, encountering three enemies in one room without changing screens will softlock the game, as the game underflows the number of cut scenes that Mario is in. This glitch can be used to skip the Scarf and the Bucket but swimming under the wall in which they are needed to get past. While it is not possible to get all the way to Crystal Palace using this glitch, multiple sequences can be skipped on the way. The glitch can then be deactivated by encountering an enemy, and switching Sushie for another partner.

Disappearing Parakarry

At the bridge connecting Goomba Road and Toad Town, there is a glitch in which Parakarry can disappear for a couple of seconds. First, the player must walk down the staircase, then spin towards a corner with a bush. If this is done correctly, Parakarry should disappear for one or two seconds.

Out of Bounds

PM Outofbounds.png

The Out of Bounds glitch makes it possible to move off the screen using small passageways, or a glitching Trampoline. The best chance to do this is at Mario and Luigi's home, in the secret basement. The player must set Kooper as their partner, stand behind the Trampoline, and hold the control stick down while dashing with Camera down Button. After that, Mario will jump to the normal floor of his house, then immediately under the secret basement. Mario will then again appear behind the spring board.[3]

Sliding Mario

Mario can be stuck in his talking pose after the character starts talking. If the player starts talking as Mario is going up onto a ledge, Mario will be moving while the character is talking. If the player goes up onto the ledge, Mario will go back to normal after going back down, but if the player stays down, none of the controls will work and the game will have to be reset. The Sliding Mario glitch works best in Kooper's house in Koopa Village.

Stuck Parakarry

If Mario interacts with the fireplace in Boo's Mansion while Parakarry is the active party member, Parakarry will continue to fly in place without following Mario. The Stuck Parakarry glitch will end when he is switched for another partner, Camera down Button is pressed, or Mario leaves the room.

Loading Zone Storage

To perform this glitch, the player must be in any area with a loading zone. Mario must jump onto the zone for one frame, jump off, land for one frame and repeat. To move while doing this glitch, the player must move with the control stick, and make sure its position is neutral one frame before landing. After being on the ground for two frames or more, the effect of the Loading Zone will occur.

Toad Town Out Of Bounds

To perform this glitch, the player must be in the central area of Toad Town, near the gate leading to where Princess Peach's Castle once was. When the yellow Toad moving from one side to another stops at either side, Mario must spin in between the toad and the ground, and then quickly hammer. Mario will then clip through the wall. The player can navigate through the ground by falling out of bounds, but then Mario will be warped to a valid position. Alternatively, instead of spinning and using the hammer, the player can do a Tornado Jump with the Ultra Boots to clip through the wall.


Looping Sliding Sound

To do this glitch, the player must do the Loading Zone Storage glitch explained above. The player must go to a room in Mt. Rugged with a slide. The player must store the loading zone by jumping up the slide until the sliding animation starts. Mario then enters the room stored, but the sliding sound effect loops. This glitch persists until the game is reset.


Tidal Wave Game Crash

To perform this glitch, the player must obtain Sushie and upgrade her to Ultra Rank. In a battle, the player must get at least 14 correct inputs in a Tidal Wave. The player should notice the game slowing down and eventually crashing. It shall be noted that this glitch only works on the Nintendo 64 version, and has different effects on the Virtual Console versions.

Trampoline Softlock

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the area in Mt. Lavalava with the Fire Shield badge. The player must use the trampolines to reach the area with the Save Block. Then, the player must fall off the left edge of the platform, bounce off the second trampoline only, jump under the Save Block and select the 'No' option. The player becomes stuck until the game is reset.

Egg Missile Crash

To perform this glitch, the player must have the Double Dip badge and an Egg Missile. During the Lava Piranha boss fight near the end of Chapter 5, the player must use Double Dip and use an Egg Missile on the boss. For unknown reasons, the game will crash.


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