Warehouse Key

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Warehouse Key
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Paper Mario description A key to the warehouse in Shiver City.

The Warehouse Key is an item that appears in Paper Mario. It opens a warehouse in the eastern part of Shiver City, and is found in the frozen pond by Shiver City's exit.

When Mario must reveal who "murdered" Mayor Penguin, he will come across a locked door. Eventually, he will also stumble across a key trapped underneath Shiver City's frozen pond. To break the ice, Mario must Tornado Jump on the lake thrice, or blow it up with Bombette. If Mario tries to break the ice before visiting Mayor Penguin, his actions will be disapproved of by the penguin patrol and he will be thrown off the premises, to the area west of the pond. Once the ice is shattered, Mario can dive down the key with Sushie to claim it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そうこのカギ[1]
Sōko no Kagi
Warehouse Key

Chinese (simplified) 仓库钥匙[2]
Cāngkù Yàoshi
Warehouse Key


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