Koopa Legends

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Koopa Legends
KoopaLegends PM.png
"Kolorado's strange book. Deliver this to Koopa Koot."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Mmmm...right, "Koopa Legends." Yes, my husband owns that one. Of course you can borrow it!”
Kolorado's wife, Paper Mario

Koopa Legends is a special item found in Paper Mario.

After Kooper joins Mario and his party, an elderly Koopa Troopa named Koopa Koot has a favor for Mario. He asks that he wants to borrow this book from Kolorado, the only Koopa in the village who has a copy of it. To get it, Mario has to ask Kolorado's wife to retrieve the book. After finding it, she gives it to Mario, mentioning that the book was found behind her husband's bookshelf. She also mentions that it is a strange book that contains pictures of Koopa Shells and exercises, and one of its captions is "Firmer shells in 30 days". Mario then has to give the book to Koopa Koot, who rewards him with a single coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメのしんぴ[1]
Kame no Shinpi
Turtle Mysteries
Chinese (Simplified) 龟的传说[2]
Guī de Chuánshuō
Turtle Legends
German Legenden Legends


  • In the Japanese version of Paper Mario, the book is implied to be pornographic.[3]


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