Runaway Pay

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Runaway Pay
Runaway Pay Badge.png
BP needed 2
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Paper Mario description Lets Mario earn Star Points even if he escapes from battle.
Image of Mario revealing a hidden ? Block in Dry Dry Desert, in Paper Mario.
Mario with Watt revealing the hidden block the Runaway Pay Badge is in.

Runaway Pay is a Badge in Paper Mario. It is in a red hidden block between three palm trees in Dry Dry Desert, at the scene to the north of the scene with the Nomadimouse. If equipped, it makes Mario able to earn the partial Star Points when he runs away from a battle. This Badge is hinted by the wise Toad in Dry Dry Outpost.

Merluvlee's prediction[edit]

  • "I see...a Runaway Pay Badge. Somewhere around the center of the desert, which is to the north of the path, you see three palm trees. You jump in the middle of the trio to make a hidden block give up the Badge." -- Merluvlee, Paper Mario

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニゲテモモラーウ
Nigete mo Morāu
Stylization of「逃げても貰う」(nigete mo morau, runaway but still receive)
Chinese 有偿逃跑勋章
Yǒucháng Táopǎo Xūnzhāng
Paid Runaway Badge
French Fuir Paie Escape Pay
German Fluchtlohn Escape Payoff
Spanish Paga Huida Escape Payment