Mystery Note

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Mystery Note
Sprite of the Mystery Note
"Written in the language of Shy Guys, the Mystery Note gives a clue about the Toy Box."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

In Paper Mario, the Mystery Note is a note written in the language of the Shy Guys. It is found in the Green Station area of Shy Guy's Toy Box, held by a yellow Shy Guy. After defeating that Shy Guy and picking up the note, Mario can give it to Russ T., but Russ T. won't be able to decipher the note unless Mario returns the Dictionary to him. With the Dictionary back in his hand, Russ T. can translate the note, which provides a clue to the order in which the four colored boxes at the Green Station must be hit to restore the track leading to Red Station.

The yellow Shy Guy holding the Mystery Note when entering the battle has three other Shy Guys (green, red, and blue) fighting alongside him. The order they appear from left to right is the same as the translation.


"Hit yellow, green, red, and then blue."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese よめないメモ[1]
Yomenai Memo
Unreadable Note

Chinese 神秘便条
Shénmì Biàntiáo
Mystery Note


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