Dusty Hammer

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Dusty Hammer
PaperMario Items DustyHammer.png
Appears in: Paper Mario
Damage dealt: 1

The Dusty Hammer is an item found only in Paper Mario that is used to damage one enemy for 1 HP. This makes it similar to a weak version of the Hammer Throw badge. It is one of the two items Mario must buy at Little Mouser's Shop in Dry Dry Outpost to see Moustafa, the other being a Dried Shroom. It is also required to obtain the Red Jar.

The Worn-Out Hammer from Paper Mario: Sticker Star resembles the Dusty Hammer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぼろぼろハンマー
Boroboro Hanmā
Worn-Out Hammer
German Staubhammer Dust Hammer
Chinese 破锤
Worn-Out Hammer