Empty Wallet

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Empty Wallet
PM Empty Wallet.png
"A wallet Koopa Koot dropped. Return it to him."

First appearance

Paper Mario (2000)

The Empty Wallet is a special item found in Paper Mario. When Mario listens to Koopa Koot, he recalls that he was shopping at Koopa's Shop in the Koopa Village and that when he went home after shopping he had dropped his wallet on the sidewalk, as he did not have it when he returned home. He said that he remembered having it as he was passing by the house where a Koopa Troopa listens to his radio, but couldn’t remember having it afterward. Mario must find the Empty Wallet in the bushes that are near to the house where the aforementioned Koopa Troopa lives. After finding it, Mario returns the Empty Wallet to Koopa Koot so he can reward Mario a single Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラのサイフ[1]
Kara no Saifu
Empty Wallet


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