Magical Bean

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Magical Bean
MagicBean PM.png
"A bean. It's twitching as if to say, 'Plant me this instant!'"
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Mario and Lady Bow getting a Magical Bean from Petunia in Paper Mario
Mario receiving the Magical Bean from Petunia.
“By the way, about that Magical Bean that I gave you... You shouldn't plant it.”
Petunia, Paper Mario

The Magical Bean is a key item found in Paper Mario. This bean is given to Mario by Petunia in Flower Fields. It is one of three items needed to reach Cloudy Climb, the lair of Bowser's minion Huff N. Puff, with the other two being Fertile Soil and Miracle Water. After Mario and his team destroy Huff N. Puff's Puff Puff Machine so the sun can shine on Flower Fields again, this is the second item to use after the Fertile Soil and before the Miracle Water to make the beanstalk to Cloudy Climb grow.

When Mario reaches Petunia's area, he discovers her under attack by a barrage of Monty Moles. After Mario defeats them, Petunia gives him the Magical Bean to thank him for his bravery as well as for saving her. However, Petunia says that Mario should not plant it, because once the seed is planted, it will be stuck in one place. Mario later plants it in the clearing in front of Wise Wisterwood, against Petunia's will.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメのきのタネ[1]
Mame no Ki no Tane
Beanstalk Seed
Chinese (Simplified) 魔豆[2]
Magical Bean
Spanish Judía Mágica Magical Bean


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