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This article is about the flower Petunia. For the portrait ghost in Luigi's Mansion of the same name, see Miss Petunia.
Not to be confused with Petuni.
Species Flower Spirit
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Maybe being stuck in one place isn't so bad after all. I feel full of life again!”
Petunia, Paper Mario
Mario and Lady Bow getting a Magical Bean from Petunia in Paper Mario
Petunia giving Mario the Magical Bean

Petunia is a violet Flower Spirit that lives in the east of Flower Fields of Paper Mario. When Mario first sees her, Monty Moles are eating at her roots. Petunia asks Mario to defeat them so they will not cause further damage. She loathes the Monty Moles, and shows Mario which ones to defeat. When Mario defeats them, she gives him the Magical Bean. In Petunia's area, Mario can find the Red Berry tree.

Petunia feels that seeds should never be planted, because once they are, the plant is stuck in one place. The other flowers call her a "Seed Maniac" for this reason. She tells Mario not to plant the Magical Bean, wanting the seed to be able to move around. Once the Sun is restored, however, Petunia finds his rays relaxing and starts to change her mind about being rooted.

Beyond Petunia's area is a well. Throwing in a Blue Berry causes a Flower Saver Badge to pop out. If Mario throws in anything else, a Crazee Dayzee or Bzzap! comes out.


  • "This flower is named Petunia. She's obsessed with Seeds. She's pretty talkative. She says she doesn't do anything with the Seeds. She just collects them. Collecting Seeds? Talk about a boring hobby! Don't you think so, Mario?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナコ
From「花」(hana, flower) and feminine given name suffix「子」(-ko)
Chinese 小花[1]
Little flower