Cymbal Bush

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A Cymbal Bush from Paper Mario

Cymbal Bushes are a special kind of plant that appears in Paper Mario. They are a part of the flora native to Lavalava Island and appear along with various other kinds of plants.

Cymbal Bushes look like regular plants, with a green stalk that splits into two equally developed branches. On the end of the branches, the plant grows two yellow petals that resemble cymbals, hence the name Cymbal Bush. If Mario steps on the plant, this will cause the cymbals to lash out and flatten him between them. Mario will actually receive no damage from this attack. Aside from that, Cymbal Bushes do not serve any purpose and can be ignored by the player.


  • It's a Cymbal Bush. It grows only on Lavalava Island and has two stiff petals growing side by side. If you disturb it, the petals slam! Wanna try? I dare you!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シンバル草
Shinbaru sō
Cymbal Bush