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PM Merlow.png
Species Shaman
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Mario getting a Star Piece from Merlow in Paper Mario
Merlow in his room

Merlow is a Shaman-like character seen only in Paper Mario. He is Merluvlee's younger brother (and therefore also Merlee's younger brother, as Merlee and Merluvlee were depicted as twins in Paper Mario), and he lives with Merluvlee in a large house on Shooting Star Summit. He collects Star Pieces and will trade rare Badges for them. Merlow seems to be very young, as his cloak seems to be too large for him and Goombario mentions wanting to play with him some day, indicating that the two are of similar ages. Another indicator of Merlow's youth is his natural blond hair, as opposed to his grandfather Merlon's white hair. Merlow's name is a portmanteau of "Merlon" (or perhaps Merlin) and the word "low", emphasizing on his shortness and youth.

There is a letter addressed to Merlow from his father Merle in Shiver Snowfield; delivering this letter with Parakarry rewards Mario with a Star Piece.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Dazzle fills the same role as Merlow.

Badges on trade[edit]

Name of Badge Icon BP Needed Price Description
Attack FX A Attack FX A Badge.png 0 1 Star Piece Changes the sound effects when Mario's attacking.
Pay-Off Pay Off Badge.png 2 1 Star Piece The more damage Mario takes, the more coins he receives.
Chill Out Chill Out Badge.png 2 3 Star Pieces Keeps you from being hit by a First Strike.
Pretty Lucky Badge 3 5 Star Pieces Makes enemies fail to attack Mario every once in a while.
Feeling Fine Feeling Fine Badge.png 3 5 Star Pieces Protects Mario from poisoning and dizziness during attack.
Happy Heart Happy Heart Badge.png 3 8 Star Pieces Restores HP automatically during battle at a slow rate.
Happy Flower Happy Flower Badge.png 3 8 Star Pieces Restores FP automatically during battle at a slow rate.
Peekaboo Peekaboo Badge.png 3 10 Star Pieces Makes it possible to see your enemy's HP.
Zap Tap Zap Tap Badge.png 4 10 Star Pieces In battle, makes most enemies who touch Mario take damage.
Heart Finder Heart Finder Badge.png 3 12 Star Pieces After beating an enemy, makes more hearts appear than usual.
Flower Finder Flower Finder Badge.png 3 12 Star Pieces After beating an enemy, makes more flowers appear than usual.
HP Drain HP Drain Badge.png 3 15 Star Pieces Decreases Mario's attack power by 1. Restores 1 HP per turn.
Money Money Money Money Badge.png 7 20 Star Pieces After a battle, lets Mario get twice as many coins as usual.
Flower Saver Flower Saver Badge.png 6 25 Star Pieces During battle, saves 1 FP every time you attack.
Power Plus Power Plus Badge.png 6 25 Star Pieces Increases Mario's Jump and Hammer attack powers by 1.


  • "He's Merlow. He's about the same age as I am. I wanna play with him when we finish our adventure. I guess he trades Star Pieces for Badges. Merluvlee, who's downstairs, is his sister. He's so lucky!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アツメール
Pun on「集める」(atsumeru, to collect) and「デアール」(Deāru, Merlon)

Chinese 莫雷
From the English name. (iQue)

French Merlinus
From "Merlon" and "minus"
German Merlow
Spanish Merlú
From the English name