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This article is about Mario's move from Paper Mario. For Sonic's side special move from the Super Smash Bros. series with the same name, see Sonic § Spin Dash.
Mario and Watt doing a Spin Dash in Toad Town
Mario performing the Spin Dash

Spin Dash is a move Mario can use outside of battle in Paper Mario. It is performed by pressing the Z Button button. Spin Dash allows Mario to travel faster by spinning on his yaw and traveling in any direction. After Spin Dash is performed, Mario cannot move for a short while. However, a technique can be used which involves jumping right after performing a Spin Dash, which eliminates the lag afterwards. Throughout the game, the Spin Dash is used to avoid enemies and progress through obstacles, such as conveyor belts.

A Badge called Speedy Spin makes the move go even faster. The Spin Attack Badge also uses this move, and it allows Mario to Spin Dash into weak enemies, defeating them instantly like the First Attack and Bump Attack Badges.

Using the Spin Dash can also reflect certain projectiles such as Monty Moles' rocks and Dry Bones' bones. Doing so knocks the projectiles back, but not at the enemy. Note this only works when the Dizzy Attack Badge is equipped, which also makes any enemy get dizzy for one turn at the start of battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 旋转冲撞[1]
Xuánzhuǎn Chōngzhuàng
Spin Dash
Italian Piroetta Pirouette[2]; same as Spin


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  2. ^ Paper Mario Italian e-manual