B. Bill Blaster

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B. Bill Blaster
B. Bill Blaster from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Variant of Bill Blaster
Bombshell Bill

B. Bill Blasters (presumably short for "Bombshell Bill Blasters") are yellow versions of Bill Blasters that shoot Bombshell Bills, appearing in pairs in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Paper Mario[edit]

In Paper Mario, B. Bill Blasters are a yellow-tinted black color and appear only in Bowser's Castle. They act just like the Bill Blasters found earlier at the Koopa Bros. Fortress, but are much stronger. They have very high defense and health, and their only true weakness is piercing attacks, though they have a slight weakness to shrinking. Their only move is to spawn a single Bombshell Bill.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, B. Bill Blasters are now a very bright yellow and appear in the Palace of Shadow. They are now able to fire up to two Bombshell Bills at once, but are also now critically weak to many status effects, such as Tiny, Soft, Burn, and Freeze.


Paper Mario[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
B. Bill Blaster
Battle idle animation of a B. Bill Blaster from Paper Mario Max HP 10 Attack 0 Defense 4 Type Ground
Level 27 Strong None Weak None Moves Bullet Shot (creates Bombshell Bill)
Sleep? 0%, 0 Dizzy? 0%, 0 Shock? 0%, 0 Shrink? 50%, 0
Stop? 0%, -1 Fright? 0% Air Lift? 15% Hurricane? 10%
Coins 4 + 0-4 Items None Run 60 Location(s) Bowser's Castle
Tattle This is a B. Bill Blaster. B. Bill Blasters shoot a constant stream of Bombshell Bills. Max HP: 10, Defense Power: 4 They won't attack you directly. They're pretty resilient. You have to keep attacking 'em, though, otherwise the air will be filled with Bombshell Bills. And nobody wants that.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door enemy
B. Bill Blaster
B. Bill Blaster from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Max HP 10 Attack 0 Defense 4 Location(s) Palace of Shadow
Sleep? 0% Dizzy? 0% Confuse? 0% Tiny? 80%
Stop? 0% Soft? 95% Burn? 100% Freeze? 90%
Fright? 0% Gale Force? 5% KO? 90% Moves Bombshell Blast (summons Bombshell Bill), Bombshell Double (summons two Bombshell Bills)
Level 31 Exp. points 0 Coins 3 - 4 Items Dried Shroom (drop only), Fire Flower (drop only), Honey Syrup (drop only), POW Block (drop only), Money Money (drop only)
Log A much tougher Bill Blaster. It's really strong, but if you don't beat it, it'll keep shooting Bombshell Bills.
Tattle That's a B. Bill Blaster. It fires Bombshell Bills. Sorry about the abbreviation. Max HP is 10, Defense is 4. It's really, really tough. Yeah, hard to hurt this guy. Thing is, if you don't take it out, it'll keep shooting Bombshell Bills at you. So, you gotta figure out a way to beat it, and fast!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーキラーたいほう (Paper Mario)[1]
スーパーキラー大砲 (The Thousand-Year Door)
Sūpā Kirā Taihō
Super Bill Blaster
Chinese 炸弹头大炮
Zhàdàntóu Dàpào
Bomb Head Cannon
French Bombill Boum Bombill Boom
German Willi-Kanone Bill Canon
Italian Cannone Gold Gold(en) Blaster
Portuguese Canhão Cannon
Spanish Lanza Bill Bomba Bombshell Bill Blaster


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