Hurricane (move)

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Paper Mario move
Mastered by Lakilester
Rank Ultra Rank
Effect Blows enemies out of battle
Target All enemies

Hurricane is one of Lakilester's attacks in the game Paper Mario. This Ultra Rank move will cost five FP. To make this move more effective, the player must repeatedly press A Button and B Button simultaneously to fill the gauge. When the action command is finished, Lakilester's cloud will produce a strong gust of wind and try to blow enemies away from the battlefield. The success rate depends on the individual enemy, and the average of all enemies present dictates how easy or difficult it is to fill the gauge. If maxed out, all non-immune enemies will be blown out. However, the player receives no Star Points for enemies defeated in this way.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふきとばし[1]
Blow Away; same as Gale Force
Chinese 飓风
French Ouragan Hurricane
German Hurrikan Hurricane
Spanish Hurrikan Huracán


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