Windy Mill

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Windy Mill
Windy Mill.png
Mario and Goombario in front of the Windy Mill
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Gusty Gulch
Ruler Tubba's Heart
Inhabitants Hyper Goombas

The Windy Mill is a windmill at the bottom of Gusty Gulch near Boo's Mansion in Paper Mario. It looms ominously before the path to Boo village. Underneath the windmill is a long tunnel leading to the chamber in which Tubba Blubba locked up his heart using the talking key Yakkey. The dusty, ancient windmill is cylindrical with a deep blue-plated triangular roof, and the mill's blades are attached to its top. The interior is small and contains the well, which is an entrance to the secret underground chambers, and also has various spinning clockwork and incessantly rotating gears.

In Chapter 3 of the game, Mario and his partners steal Yakkey from Tubba Blubba's Castle and use it to open the mill. The inside has a boarded-over well which leads to three consecutive passages, each with a roaming Hyper Goomba and a "no entry allowed" notice. Deep below the mill, Mario finds Tubba's Heart and defeats it, therefore weakening Tubba Blubba's power considerably. Tubba Blubba chases down and reunites with his heart near the mill, but is easily beaten. Mario's new partner Lady Bow decides to accompany him a while longer, as well as giving him the promised Star Spirit, marking the end of the Chapter. Later in the game, Yakkey can be found inside the mill, hoping to guard a new secret.

It is possible that water was resourced from the well, given Goombario's Tattles on the complex and the well entrance in the center.

Enemies found[edit]

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "I haven't been in many windmills, but this one seems weird. Isn't this a well sitting in the middle of it?"
  • "I guess the well's dry. Lucky for us."
  • "You can tell from the dampness that there used to be water in this well. The rocks are also moist to the touch."
  • "You wouldn't expect there to be such a nice walkway in a place like this. It's so neat. It doesn't look like it's a natural path. Someone must take care of it..."
  • "Something important has just got to be back here. Nobody would dig such a long tunnel for nothing. What do you think it could possibly be, Mario?"
  • "This is the very end of the tunnel in the well. It seems to be a big dead end. This really is the perfect spot for hiding something really valuable."
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In-Game Map Descriptions[edit]

After Chapter 3
  • It's a huge windmill located at the bottom of Gusty Gulch. Once-Invincible Tubba Blubba's heart was hidden deep inside.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 風車小屋
Fūsha Goya
Windmill House

Chinese 风车小屋 (iQue)
Fēngchē Xiǎowū
Windmill House

French Moulin Rafale
Gust Mill
German Windige Mühle
Windy Mill
Spanish (NOE) Molino Ventoso[1]
Windy Mill