Belly Flop

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Paper Mario move
Belly Flop
Sushie using her special move Belly Flop on a Piranha Plant.
Mastered by Sushie
Rank Base Rank
Effect Sushie hops on an enemy
Target Single non-ceiling enemy
Attack Power 3 Base Rank
4 Super Rank
5 Ultra Rank

Belly Flop is the default attack available to Sushie in Paper Mario. This move involves Sushie hopping onto the enemy dealing 1, 2, or 3 damage depending on the rank. The action command involves holding the Control Stick to the left until the red star lights up, and if executed correctly, the move deals 2 extra damage. This move will flip shelled enemies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おプクアタック[1]
Opuku Atakku
Sushie Attack
Chinese 腹部拍击
Fùbù Pāijī
Belly Tap
French Coud'ventre From "Coup du ventre" (Belly shot)
German Bauchlandung Belly Flop
Italian Spanciata[2] Belly flop
Spanish Barrigazo Belly Attack


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