Belly Flop

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Paper Mario move
Belly Flop
Sushie using her special move Belly Flop on a Piranha Plant.
Mastered by Sushie
Attack power 3 (without upgrades)
Rank (none)
Effect Sushie hops on an enemy
Target One (grounded or airborne)

Belly Flop is an attack that Sushie uses in Paper Mario. It is available from the beginning and costs no FP. This attack can be used by holding the Control Stick to the left until the red star lights up. Sushie then hops on one enemy. Belly Flop does up to five points of damage if Sushie is at Ultra Rank.

Names in other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おプクアタック[1]
Opuku Atakku
Sushie Attack
Chinese 腹部拍击
Fùbù Pāijī
Belly Tap
German Bauchlandung Belly Flop
Italian Spanciata[2] Belly flop
Spanish Barrigazo Belly Attack


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