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Image of Mario and Goombario in the Storehouse of Bowser's Castle, in Paper Mario.
Storehouse of Bowser's Castle

The Storehouse is a shop in Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario, and is the last shop of the game. The storeroom is behind the western door on the upper floor of the first grand hall of the castle and is guarded by a bored Spiked Goomba. Initially, he will not sell any items to Mario, but if Mario shows that he has Coins, out of boredom, the guard will turn the storeroom into a shop and allow Mario to buy and sell any items he wants. The Spiked Goomba guard will sell items to Mario at higher rates than other shops in the game, but will buy "useless" items (like Mistakes and Pebbles) and other attack items at decent prices.

Goombario's tattle on the shop owner states, "He's one of Bowser's followers. He got bored guarding the storage room and decided to start selling stuff. Wow, his job must have been really, really boring. I can imagine. You've gotta wonder, though... I bet if someone found out that he sold stuff to Mario, he'd get punished big time. Maybe he doesn't know who you are, though..."


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Super Shroom

PaperMario Items SuperShroom.png

30 Coins Maple Syrup

PaperMario Items MapleSyrup.png

30 Coins Thunder Rage

PaperMario Items ThunderRage.png

30 Coins
POW Block

PaperMario Items POWBlock.png

15 Coins Dizzy Dial

PaperMario Items DizzyDial.png

25 Coins Mystery?

PaperMario Items Mystery.png

5 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Egg Missile

An Egg Missile that appears in Paper Mario

30 Coins Fright Jar

PaperMario Items FrightJar.png

15 Coins Life Shroom

PaperMario Items LifeShroom.png

25 Coins

Mistake from Paper Mario.

20 Coins Pebble

PaperMario Items Pebble.png

20 Coins Shooting Star

PaperMario Items ShootingStar.png

20 Coins
Stop Watch

A Stopwatch from Paper Mario.

20 Coins Super Soda

PaperMario Items SuperSoda.png

10 Coins