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This article is about the move used by Sushie in Paper Mario. For the water-elemental Baddie Blocks in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, see Baddie Block § Water Block.
Paper Mario move
Water Block
Water Block.png
Mastered by Sushie
Rank Super Rank
Effect Sushie creates a defensive block of water around Mario
Target Mario

Water Block is one of the moves available to Sushie in Paper Mario upon reaching Super Rank. At the cost of three FP Sushie will hop in front of Mario and envelop him in a block of water that looks similar to the blocks that can be smashed by Mario's hammer.

While the block is in effect, Mario will take one less damage from normal attacks, and two less damage from fire-based attacks and Bob-omb explosions. However electric attacks, attacks that involve mashing A to finish the attack quicker (such as the Jungle Fuzzy's Leech Attack), and Bombshell Bill explosions will ignore the extra defense provided by Water Block.

The block's duration will depend on the action command: the player must press A Button as the red stars light up, and each successful input will add a turn to the Water Block, resulting in up to 4 turns. Reapplying the move while it is in effect will not extend its counter, but simply reset it.

In Super Mario-kun, volume 26, during a fight with Lava Piranha, Sushie uses this ability. As in the game, it serves as a shield.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずのまもり[1]
Mizu no Mamori
Water Defense
Chinese 水罩
Water Barrier
French Bouclier d'O From "Bouclier d'eau" (Water shield)
German Wasserblock Water Block
Italian Acquablocco[2] Waterblock
Spanish Cubo Agua Water Cube


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