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This article is about the move used by Sushie in Paper Mario. For the water-elemental Baddie Blocks in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, see Baddie Block#Water Block.
Mario surrounded by water after using the Water Block

Water Block is one of Sushie's attacks in the game Paper Mario. Sushie hops in front of Mario and spouts water on him until he is enveloped in a block that looks similar to the blocks that can be smashed by Mario's hammer. It boosts Mario's defense by one point. To make the move last longer, the player must press A Button, timed as the red stars light up. Water Block is a Super Rank attack and costs three Flower Points. Because it surrounds Mario in water, any fire attacks against him will be reduced by more than all other attack types, rendering Mario nearly invulnerable to them. However, it does not work against enemy attacks that requires special action commands to block, such as the Jungle Fuzzy's Leech Attack or the Tuff Puff's group attack. This move is similar to Watt's Turbo Charge; it increases a stat by one for an amount of turns which depends on how well the attack is executed. The button scheme is also similar to Lakilester's Cloud Nine, and the two skills are used for Mario's defensive benefit.

In Super Mario-Kun. volume 26, during a fight with Lava Piranha, Sushie uses this ability. As in the game, it serves as a shield.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずのまもり[1]
Mizu no Mamori
Water Defense
Chinese 水罩
Water Barrier
German Wasserblock Water Block
Italian Acquablocco[2] Waterblock
Spanish Cubo Agua Water Cube


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