Dizzy Shell

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Paper Mario move
Dizzy Shell
Dizzy Shell.png
Mastered by Kooper
Attack power 0
Rank Super Rank
Effect Hits enemies with own shell, making them dizzy
Target Multiple ground enemies

Dizzy Shell is an attack in Paper Mario that Kooper can use once he is at Super Rank. It consumes four FP. To increase the chances of the move working, the player must repeatedly press A Button to fill the gauge. If successful, all enemies on the ground will then become dizzy and do nothing for one to four turns, depending on the enemy.

Dark Koopas have a similar move to Kooper's Dizzy Shell, though theirs only affects Mario and not his partner.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グルグルコウラ
Guruguru Kōra
Spinning Shell
Chinese 眩晕龟壳
Xuànyūn Guīké
Dizzy Turtle Shell
French KO Carap KO Shell
German Multi-Rempler Multi Bump
Spanish Concha Mareo Dizziness Shell