Yoshi's Cabana

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Image of Mario and Goombario in Yoshi's Cabana in Yoshi's Village, in Paper Mario.
Yoshi's Cabana

Yoshi's Cabana is a shop in Yoshi's Village in Paper Mario.

Goombario's tattle for the shop owner, a blue Yoshi, states: "He's a Yoshi who's set up a little shop on the island. He sells, checks and buys items. Remember, shops are different in different parts of the world. I see items in this shop that you can't get anywhere but here."


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Snowman Doll

PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png

15 Coins Thunder Rage

PaperMario Items ThunderRage.png

15 Coins Fire Flower

PaperMario Items FireFlower.png

5 Coins
Tasty Tonic

PaperMario Items TastyTonic.png

2 Coins Honey Syrup

Honey Syrup from Paper Mario.

6 Coins Super Shroom

PaperMario Items SuperShroom.png

15 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Bubble Berry

PaperMario Items BubbleBerry.png

5 Coins Iced Potato

PaperMario Items IcedPotato.png

10 Coins Snowman Doll

PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png

10 Coins
Super Soda

PaperMario Items SuperSoda.png

7 Coins Yoshi Cookie

PaperMario Items YoshiCookie.png

30 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ショップ南の風
Shoppu Minami no Kaze
South Wind Shop
Chinese (Simplified) 南风商店[1]
Nánfēng Shāngdiàn
South Wind Shop
Spanish Choza de Yoshi Yoshi's Hut