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Not to be confused with Egyptian Koopa.
Full name Tutankoopa the Wizard
Species Koopa
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“You!! You ignored all those very scary warnings... Don't you have the common sense to get scared and run away?! What's wrong with you?!?!”
Tutankoopa, Paper Mario

Tutankoopa the Wizard, commonly known just as Tutankoopa, is the second boss of Paper Mario. He is notable for his pharaoh complex, his magic abilities (such as shattering into fragments at will, leaving only his eyes and crown visible), and his heavy association with Chomps. Chomps act as his primary minions, though they have grown annoyed with him due to being overworked. His name is based on the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Tutankoopa is the boss of the Dry Dry Ruins and the guardian of the second Star Spirit, Mamar. When Mario and his partners enter the Dry Dry Ruins, Tutankoopa's voice can be heard warning them to run away. He continues to deliver such warnings as the heroes progress through the ruins, losing his cool and starting to shout frantically when they approach the Super Hammer. His warnings are similar to those of Cortez in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Tutankoopa battles with a Chomp

Mario and his team finally reach the Koopa's room, where he summons an endless amount of pet Chomps and can also attack with shells or magic from a high platform. Tutankoopa's attack pattern entails summoning a Chomp, throwing a Buzzy Shell, and using magic, after which the sequence repeats. When he uses magic, he conjures up a giant Chomp to slam onto the floor, causing rocks to crumble from the ceiling onto Mario. However, this also has a chance of backfiring until Tutankoopa's HP is less than 3, causing him to be damaged, knocked from his perch, and briefly stunned. After he gets back up, he uses his magic to lift himself back into the platform. After all three shells are exhausted, Tutankoopa will go straight to using magic after summoning a Chomp. His boss fight is one of the few where Mario can farm 100 Star Points in a single battle by repeatedly defeating his Chomp. When Tutankoopa is defeated, he falls off his platform and is approached by a Chomp. After he attempts to call it over, it angrily chases him out of the ruins.

In the ending parade of Paper Mario, Tutankoopa can be seen, still being chased by a Chomp until he sidesteps at the last moment. Afterwards, he briefly attends the parade, only to end up chased by three Chomps. The method in which he evades his Chomp resembles the Paper Mode ability in later Paper Mario games.

In Super Mario-kun, he appears in volume 25's chapter 7. Like in the game, he is instructed to stop Mario from saving Mamar. Tutankoopa attacks Mario, Kooper, and Goombario with his numerous spells and protects himself with a magic barrier. A Stone Chomp that Kooper previously aided comes and passes them a D-Down Pound badge. Kooper uses it to break through Tutankoopa's shield, defeating him. A similar plotline, in which a previously-aided Chain Chomp comes to the rescue of the heroes, turning its back own its owner, would be re-used in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii arc during the Iggy Koopa battle.

Tutankoopa is referenced in Mario Party 7; a Bowser sphinx appears on the Pyramid Park map, wearing a pharaoh crown and nemes with the same colors as Tutankoopa's. The crown also has a Chain Chomp ornament. The map itself is also heavily associated with Chain Chomps, as is Tutankoopa.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
Battle idle animation of Tutankoopa from Paper Mario Max HP 30 Attack 3 Defense 0
Role Boss Type Elevated Level 55
Strong None Weak None Moves Shell Heave (3), Magic Spell (2, Mario; 2, Partner), Traitor Spell (2, Tutankoopa), Summon Chomp
Sleep? 20%, -1 Dizzy? 30%, -1 Shock? 30%, -1
Shrink? 60%, -1 Stop? 40%, -2 Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 0% Hurricane? 0% Coins 0
Items N/A Run N/A Location(s) Dry Dry Ruins
Tattle This is Tutankoopa. He's one of Bowser's followers and he's been assigned to guard one of the Star Spirits. I've heard that he has sort of a pharaoh complex. Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 He attacks by throwing shells from that high perch. Try to dodge when he uses magic: its attack power is 2 and it'll sting for sure. And he also summons Chomps, his loyal subjects. Those Chomps have some serious attack power. Think hard about who to attack first, Tutankoopa or Chomp.


Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese カーメン
Pun on「ツタンカーメン」(Tsutankāmen, Tutankhamun) and「亀」(kame, turtle), or likely「カメック」(Kamekku, Magikoopa)

Chinese 金面龟
Jīnmiàn Guī
Golden-Face Turtle

French Tutankoopa
German Tutankoopa
Spanish Tutankoopa

Tutankoopa the Wizard[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔法使いカーメン
Mahōtsukai Kāmen
Magician Tutankoopa

French Tutankoopa le mage
Tutankoopa the mage
German Tutankoopa, der böse Zauberer
Tutankoopa, the evil sorcerer
Spanish Mago Tutankoopa
Mage Tutankoopa


An unused sprite of Tutankoopa found in Paper Mario's data, showing him without his nemes
  • The miniature Chomp head on Tutankoopa's hat seems to be alive, since it moves its mouth at times.
  • When Mario first enters Dry Dry Ruins, Tutankoopa refers to himself as the "remorseless king of the desert." Bowser can call himself a "Remorseless King of Evil" in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in response to a question asked by another character.
  • Tutankoopa has an unused sprite depicting him without his nemes, showing him to have short blond hair.