Power Shock

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Paper Mario move
Power Shock
Watt using Power Shock on a Gulpit in Shiver Snowfield
Mastered by Watt
Rank Base Rank
Effect Watt shocks an enemy trying to inflict paralysis
Target Any single enemy

Power Shock is one of the default moves available that Watt can use in Paper Mario. This move costs Mario two FP, and if successful will inflict paralysis onto the target. To increase the chances of the move working, the player must repeatedly press A Button to fill the gauge. The individual enemy's resistance dictates how difficult it is to fill the bar, and then the amount the bar is filled out to will indicate the success rate. However, unique to Power Shock, the game runs another check to see whether or not the status will be allowed to apply at all.[1] This results in the move always having a lower success rate than expected unless maxed out, in which case the enemy is guaranteed to be paralyzed. By default, the paralysis this move inflicts lasts for 3 turns, though certain enemies may have a modifier that shortens or prolongs the effect.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シビレフラッシュ[2]
Shibire Furasshu
Numbness Flash

Chinese 强力电震
Qiánglì Diànzhèn
Power Electric Shock

French Électrochoc
German Power-Schock
Power Shock
Spanish (NOE) Electroshock


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