Boo's Shop

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Mario and Bombette in Boo's Shop in Boo's Mansion
Boo's Shop

Boo's Shop is a shop in the basement of Boo's Mansion run by Igor in Paper Mario. Before meeting Lady Bow, Igor is ordered not to sell any items to Mario. This order is lifted once Lady Bow joins his party, however, and he can then buy items from the shop as much as he pleases.


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Super Shroom

PaperMario Items SuperShroom.png

13 Coins Life Shroom

PaperMario Items LifeShroom.png

50 Coins Maple Syrup

PaperMario Items MapleSyrup.png

25 Coins
Snowman Doll

PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png

15 Coins Stop Watch

A Stopwatch from Paper Mario.

25 Coins Mystery?

PaperMario Items Mystery.png

1 Coin

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Dried Shroom

PaperMario Items DriedShroom.png

3 Coins Dusty Hammer

PaperMario Items DustyHammer.png

4 Coins Jelly Ultra

PaperMario Items JellyUltra.png

200 Coins

Mistake from Paper Mario.

5 Coins Stinky Herb

PaperMario Items StinkyHerb.png

5 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサショップ
Teresa Shoppu
Boo Shop
Chinese (Simplified) 嘘嘘鬼商店[1]
Xūxūguǐ Shāngdiàn
Boo Shop