Koopa Village

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Koopa Village
Koopa Village
Mario and Kooper in Koopa Village
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom, near Pleasant Path
Inhabitants Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, and Mort T.
Mario returns Kooper's shell to him in the woods behind Koopa Village

Koopa Village is a small village in Paper Mario that is home to Koopas and some Bob-ombs, the latter of which escaped the Koopa Bros. Fortress. It is near a hill on Pleasant Path. As is hinted by Merlon from the prologue, Mario and Goombario are required to go here to help Kooper for him to join the party because he has to use him to activate a switch in Pleasant Path. When they arrive, however, they find that Fuzzies are attacking the town, and they can optionally help out some of the Koopas who had lost their shells to the Fuzzy menaces. The pair also meet Kooper, a Koopa with a blue shell who eventually became Mario's second party member. A Fuzzy stole his shell and he asks Mario to get it back. Once Mario retrieves it, Kooper joins the party. After he helps Kooper defeat the Fuzzies, they flee, and several Bob-ombs reside in. After Kooper joins, a Star Piece is accessible on a brick in the eastern part of Koopa Village. There's also a Star Piece hidden under a panel to the left of a group of Bob-omb in the western area. Koopa Koot, the elder of the village, is an old, senile Koopa who asks people for favors often, which has given him a bad reputation. However, he gives out rewards for completing his favors.

Later in the game, the Koopa Troopas in the village write Mario a letter, thanking him for taking care of the Fuzzy problem and apologizing for not being able to reward him for it. Mario needs to go to the village to take or finish several sidequests, such as Koopa Koot's favors, the Trading Event, and letter delivery. At the end of the game, Parakarry visits Koopa Village to tell Bombette, who is seen to have resided here after her adventure with Mario, that she is invited to the party at Peach's Castle. After that, Kolorado's wife comes and asks Parakarry to find her husband.


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Koopa Village is a village mainly consisting of grassland, with a row of six houses in the northern side, all of which look like Koopa shells and most of them feature island-based décor. From west to east, they are: a Toad House run by Mort T., Koopa's Shop, a house that resembles a blue shell, Kolorado's house, Kooper's house, and Koopa Koot's house. Bushes can be found in the southern part of the village. There is also a tree which the Bob-ombs relax in the shadow. Koopa Leaves can be found in some of the bushes. To the back of Kooper's house is a path to a forest, which Mario visits on his quest to retrieve Kooper's shell.

The house that looks like a blue shell is home to a relaxed Koopa who lies in his hammock all day listening to the radio. On the radio are three stations: one called "Golden Oldies Station," which plays a direct cover of the credits theme from Super Mario World; another called "Island Sounds Station," playing an original song; the "Hot Hits Station," which plays Pop Diva's song after she is given the Lyrics and the Melody; and an Information Station that hosts trading events. In these events, Mario can participate by bringing certain items to a pink Toad in certain areas across the Mushroom Kingdom, for which he will be rewarded (often with items more valuable than the ones traded).

There is a road in front of the houses. To the west of the houses is the entrance/exit to Pleasant Path. Near Koopa Koot's house is a Warp Pipe that can be unlocked from Toad Town Tunnels. The pipe, once unlocked, can serve as a faster way to go to Koopa Village.


Character Quotes Goombario's Tattle
A Koopa Troopa near the bushes in the west of the west scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, his shell is on the brick block above the bushes.
  • "Oh, woe! My shell's up there! What'll I do...? I can't reach that high!"
  • "Oh, you're the best! Thank you very much!"
  • "Oh, yes I'm much more comfy inside my shell. Without it, I feel every little breeze!"
  • "Is it true that Kooper is joining your adventure, Mario? That's terrific! Come back as a hero, Kooper!"
  • "By the way, I heard a rumor that Princess Peach was kidnapped recently. I hope she's OK... How many times has she been kidnapped in her life, anyway? Seems like a lot."
  • "Please do your best, Mario. I'm trying to do mine."
  • "You don't say? A giant Koopa named Kent C. Koopa is blocking Pleasant Path? ...I remember him! Ever since he was little, he's been able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. It used to be impossible to wake him up."
  • "I wonder what Princess Peach is doing right now. I'm wishing to the Stars that she returns home safely."
  • "Is it only my imagination or did Koopa Troopas used to walk around on four legs? I guess that was a really long time ago, huh?"
A Koopa Troopa near the tree in the west scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, his shell is in the tree.
  • "Curse those stupid Fuzzies! They put my shell in the tree! How can they be so mean for no reason? That was my best shell!"
  • "Thanks, Mario! This shell was made to order. That's why it fits me so well. I mean, how cool do I look?"
  • "The Koopa Bros. of the fortress used to live in this village. They left, though, because they said it just wasn't exciting enough around here."
  • "I remember Kooper used to always talk about traveling the world as an explorer. Going with Mario is a great chance to travel, isn't it? Make us proud, Kooper!"
  • "I finally bought a new shell. What do you think? Don't you think the glossy finish really brings out the trim?"
  • "Kent C. Koopa used to live in this village. But he always insisted that we pay him money for no reason. What an extortionist! If you want to hear stories about him, ask anybody in this village."
  • "... Oh, did you say something?"
  • "Koopa Troopas sunbathe in their shells when it's sunny out. Supposedly, a lot of Koopa Troopas set trends and are totally fashionable. I guess they have different tastes from mine..."
Image of Mario and Goombario in Koopa's Shop in Koopa Village, in Paper Mario.
A Koopa Troopa who runs the shop in the village, Koopa's Shop.
  • "Welcome! This is the reliable and credible Koopa's Shop! Well, what do you want?"
  • "Thank you!! Are there any more items you want to sell?"
  • "Hey, you don't have any items at all!"
  • "Yes? You didn't store anything."
  • etc.
  • "He's a Koopa Troopa merchant who sells goods. He also checks and buys stuff. You might want to buy some stuff from him if we're going somewhere dangerous."
Mario and Kooper in the house of a Koopa Troopa listening to radio in Koopa Village in Paper Mario
A Koopa Troopa who lies in a hammock listening to radio in the rightmost house of the west scene.
  • "Supposedly, these Bob-ombs recently ran away from the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Of course, things aren't much better here in the village. The Fuzzies are running wild! Poor little Bob-ombs... Huh? Me? I don't leave my house because I couldn't bear it if the Fuzzies made a fool of me. They'd probably take my shell and play with it. I know I don't look cool without my shell. Nope. No, thank you. I'd rather just stay here and listen to music."
  • "Hey! We can go outside again because the Fuzzies are gone! Stupendous! Spectacular! It's time to bask in the sun! A little music on the radio, a little sunshine on my shell... Does it get any better?"
  • (Island Sounds Station) "Aw, I love this song! Doesn't it remind you of a tropical island? Get down! Yow!"
  • (Golden Oldies Station) "Aw, I love this song! Golden oldies remind me of the good old days. Sing it!"
  • (Hot Hits Music Station) "Oh, this song always brings tears to my eyes... So moving..."
  • (Information Station) "Hey, hey! Hands off the dial! That's my jam, right there! Don't turn off the funk! I was getting my groove on!"
  • "This Koopa Troopa obviously loves the radio. He's always listening to it. He seems to prefer music to the news reports. Who wouldn't? I like music, too. How about you, Mario?"
A red Bob-omb hiding in the radio-loving Koopa's house during the Fuzzy invasion. After the Fuzzies flee, he is in front of the tree in the west scene.
  • "You must listen! The Koopa Bros. in the fortress worked us too hard. As far as they're concerned, laborers have no rights. I will never, ever go back to work in such a terrible place."
  • "You must listen! The Koopa Bros. in the fortress worked us too hard. It was a long road, but I'm still glad I ran away. I'd rest easier if I knew those Koopa Bros. had been punished."
  • "I decided to stay here with my friends for a while. It's a nice place."
  • "I feel...so very happy... ...surrounded by friends..."
  • "Bombette will be victorious! You can bet your bombs on it..."
  • "I'm a Bob-omb. I love to bomb-bomb!"
  • "He's a Bob-omb. He used to work inside Koopa Bros. Fortress. Now he lives here among the Koopa Troopas. He sometimes blows up at very inappropriate times. Not that it's such a big deal, but somebody might get mad."
A red Bob-omb hiding in the radio-loving Koopa's house during the Fuzzy invasion. After the Fuzzies flee, he is in front of the tree in the west scene.
  • "We're Bob-ombs. We just ran away from the Koopa Bros. Fortress. We thought we'd at least find some peace here in the village. Boy, were we wrong. The Fuzzies are running wild around here. All we want is a little peace..."
  • "Of course we're happy that we made it out of the fortress... but we still worry constantly about our imprisoned friends. They didn't make it out with us. Oh, what a tragedy! I wish there were some way that we could rescue them. Sigh..."
  • "Finally... Without those Fuzzies it's so peaceful here. But what good is peace for us if our friends are still stuck in jail inside the fortress?"
  • "Bombette! You're safe!? Oh, joy!! I was so worried about you!"
  • "Good luck, Bombette! We Bob-ombs will all be wishing you luck! Bombs away!"
  • "Here's a little something I put together to wish Mario and Bombette luck! Bomb-bomb!"
  • "We salute you! Buh-bomb!"
  • "Explosion is a fine art! Bomb-bomb!"
  • "Bombs away, Mario! We wish you the best of luck! Bomb-bomb, ker-BOMB!"
  • "He's a Bob-omb. He's from inside the walls of Koopa Bros. Fortress. Even if he explodes, you'll be fine as long as you stay a good distance away. You never know when these Bob-ombs might go off!"
A red Bob-omb who joins the Bob-ombs in front of the tree after Mario defeats the Koopa Bros.
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Way to beat the Koopa Bros.! Now we can all live in this village in peace and harmony. Freedom is glorious!"
  • "Some of our other friends who were also in the fortress are living in that vacant house over there now. I guess I should go over and visit one of these days. ...Because, you know, nothing is more precious than friendship."
  • "Oh, yeah... the air out here is so wonderfully clear. The oxygen content really helps me make huge explosions! My ambition is to make an explosion so loud that all of Mushroom Kingdom will hear it and be amazed. Tee hee hee... I'm burning up with the very idea of such a blast!"
  • "It's not fair that bad guys' wishes always come true, and good guys' wishes don't! By the way, we get really angry just before we explode."
  • "He's a Bob-omb. He used to be stuck in the jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He must have escaped. Now he lives with his friends in Koopa Village. Koopa Village is quite the popular place now. I wonder how they're dealing with the population boom."
A Koopa Troopa near the westernmost bushes in the east scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, his shell is not stolen.
  • "You Fuzzies won't beat me! Behold my power! Goahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Wheeze... How was that? Super power, wasn't it?"
  • "Mr. Kolorado is a famous archaeologist from here. He hasn't been back here to his house since he went to Dry Dry Desert. Mr. Kolorado's wife is always worrying about him. They live in that house over there with the yellow roof."
  • "Mr. Kolorado is a famous archaeologist from here. That house with the yellow roof is his."
  • "If I use my strength, don't you think I can save this village? Then you won't have to. OK, then! I'll try my best!"
  • "You can trust me to keep the peace in this village! But others need your help! Good luck, Mario!"
  • "He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village. He's easygoing, but he seems to have a sense of justice, too. Sometimes the fight for justice is dangerous, you know. Goompa told me that we must always be strong inside, or else we could get hurt. I'm trying to be strong, just like this Koopa. I respect him for that."
A Koopa Troopa on the yellow ground in the east scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, he chases a Fuzzy who stole his shell.
  • "That Fuzzy took my shell! I ran after it, but it just laughed and taunted me!"
  • "No matter how fast I run, I can't catch that guy! I can't believe this..."
  • "Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical Mario style! You're just as cool as I heard you were!"
  • "I can't help but think that Fuzzies'll steal my shell again. I can't relax. Just being outside makes me nervous."
  • "The Fuzzies are gone now. Phew! To tell the truth, though, it's a bit boring here now."
  • "What'll we do if those Fuzzies come back sometime! They might take our shells again! Those rascals! How strangely thrilling... Oh... my heart..."
  • "What's up, Mario? I've been hearing about all the adventures you've been on. Since Kooper's traveling with you, there's always news coming to the village. Good luck, all of you! I'll be rooting for you!"
  • "The stars are beginning to appear more clearly. Maybe now our wishes will come true again, and everything will turn out just fine. I can only hope that we won't see such bad times again. A quiet village...a little peace. That's all I need to be happy."
  • "He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village. You know, when Koopas are in a hurry, they slide on the undersides of their shells. You wouldn't see anyone doing that around here. These guys are never in a hurry."
A Koopa Troopa near the puzzle in the east scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, his shell is placed on a high brick block. Mario can solve the puzzle to reach the block.
  • "Wahhhhhhhhh! What a world! My favorite shell! I just washed it! A Fuzzy put it up there! How will I ever get it? Please tell me! Help, somebody!"
  • "A Fuzzy put my favorite shell up there! How will I ever get it? Please tell me! Help, somebody!"
  • "I might have known! You're so clever, Mario!"
  • "I'll be careful not to let anyone near my shell ever again!"
  • "Those Fuzzies were a real pain in the shell, but it seems too quiet without them. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they came by once in a while... Don't tell anyone I said that."
  • "Do you know Mr. Kolorado? He's one of the bright lights of Koopa Village. He's a professor of archaeology, don't you know. We haven't seen him back here since he went to Dry Dry Desert to study some ruins."
  • "You must be tired from your adventuring. You can rest all you like here in Koopa Village!"
  • "To me, pure happiness is a life of peace. Once in a while, though, I like a little excitement."
  • "He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village. As you can see, most Koopa Troopas are easygoing but a little bit shy. There are some exceptions, but he seems to be typical. You gotta love the easygoing types, huh, Mario?"
A Koopa Troopa walking between the puzzle and the easternmost bush in the east scene. During the Fuzzy invasion, his shell is not stolen.
  • "I put a high-tech lock on my shell so that the Fuzzies can't take it. They'll never manage to pry it off me now! Ha ha! I'm not sure if I can even get it off, to be honest."
  • "The Fuzzies are gone. You know, I didn't hate them, even though they were naughty."
  • "Mario, everybody's saying that their wishes aren't coming true these days. Aren't our wishes getting through to the Stars anymore?"
  • "Basking out in the sun feels really, really good. ...So sleepy..."
  • "... Oh, hi there! Feel free to relax, OK?"
  • "He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village. He's pretty mellow. He doesn't even care if he's surrounded by all kinds of noise. As long as nothing interferes with his personal space, he doesn't care what goes on in town. It must be nice to have a such stress-free personality."
A green Bob-omb in front of Kooper's house. Appears after Chapter 1.
  • "I don't see why we can't live in this vacant house. It'd be awesome! We've wanted our own house for the longest time! But I guess we might have a problem if the owner of the house comes back, huh? We could always go back to the fortress, I suppose."
  • "They're arguing in the house. I'm not going in there..."
  • "Please hurry up and beat Bowser, OK, Mario? Say, you don't know when the owner of this house is coming back, do you? We could always go back to the fortress, I suppose."
  • "He's a Bob-omb who was in jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He made a home in Koopa Village. I always thought that all Bob-ombs did was continually blow each other up, but... I guess I was wrong."
A green Bob-omb in Kooper's house along with Bruce. Appears after Chapter 1.
  • "He's in love with Bombette. But she doesn't like him because he's so persistent. Love is complicated..."
  • "'Bombette!' 'Bombette!' It's all he ever says! It's so annoying!"
  • "Shut up! She probably dumped you 'cause you never stopped talking!"
  • "Did you hear this guy, Bombette? He never, ever stops talking about you! Bud-a-bomb!"
  • "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! The neighbors are starting to complain about your noise! Quit your bellyaching!"
  • "Oh, shut up!! Enough already! Stop brooding over her!"
  • "Ooh, you made her angry... I feel bad for you, but man... You talk way too much. You need to play it cool, or she'll never like you at all. I'm sure she'll come around one of these days if you can just..."
  • "Please hurry up and beat Bowser, will you? Then maybe Bombette will come back, and he'll be quiet!"
  • "This Bob-omb was in jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He decided to settle here. With his friends as roommates, it's bound to be noisy."

Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Koopa Village, see here.

Items found[edit]

In addition to the items listed below, Koopa's Shop has several items on sale. Koopa Koot has 15 Star Pieces and gives them in threes if Mario does favors for him. Kolorado also has two Star Pieces that can be given to Mario here.

Item Icon Location
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel near the Bob-ombs in the first scene.
On a block after the Fuzzies flee in the second scene (requires Tornado Jump or puzzle solving).
Given by Mort T. after giving him a letter from Dry Dry Desert.
Letter A letter Given by Koover after giving him a letter from Muss T..
Given by Koover after giving him a letter from Fishmael.
Dried Shroom PaperMario Items DriedShroom.png In the southest bush at the southwestern corner of the first scene.
Koopa Leaf PaperMario Items KoopaLeaf.png In the southeast bush at the southeastern corner of the first scene (replenish-able resource).
In the bush nearest to the entrance in the second scene.
HP Plus Badge On a trunk in the scene behind Kooper's house, by getting it with Kooper.
Kooper's Shell Kooper'sShell PM.png Given by the Fuzzies after winning the minigame.
Koopa Legends KoopaLegends PM.png Given by Kolorado's wife for Koopa Koot's first favor.
Empty Wallet PM Empty Wallet.png Appears in the northeast bush in the southeastern corner of the first scene after taking Koopa Koot's sixth favor.
Glasses Glasses Appears in the bush with a white flower in the southwestern corner of the first scene after taking Koopa Koot's fifteenth favor.
Silver Credit PM Silver Credit.png Given by Koopa Koot after finishing his second favor.
Gold Credit GoldCredit PM.png Given by Koopa Koot after finishing his tenth favor.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "It's Koopa Village. Big surprise! Koopas live here. Recently it seems like some Bob-ombs have moved here, too. They must have run away from the fortress, huh?"
  • "The house with the yellowish roof is the home of the famous archaeologist and explorer, Kolorado. Kolorado's always running from one mysterious place to another in order to do research. He's really well respected in his field."
  • "We'd better be careful. There are supposedly lots of Fuzzies around this area. Usually they stay hidden, but lately they're more aggressive."
  • "This part of the forest is the Fuzzies' main stronghold. The woods would actually be quite beautiful if not for the Fuzzies. The light's nice... Do you think Koopas do the logging around here?"
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In-game map description[edit]

  • Many Koopas live in this village. Lately, Fuzzies have been playing tricks on them.
After Kooper joins Mario's party


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコ村
Nokonoko Mura
Koopa Troopa Village
Chinese 喏库喏库村
Nuòkùnuòkù Cūn
Nokonoko Village. Nokonoko is from the Japanese name for Koopa Troopa. (iQue)
French Village Koopa Koopa Village
German Koopaheim Koopahome
Spanish Pueblo Koopa Koopa Town


  • The trees and bushes of Koopa Village are composed of green squares, making them look similar to 3D versions of the trees found in Lineland Road of Super Paper Mario.
  • In Paper Mario, before Chapter 1, there is a piece of Toad Town News that warns the Fuzzy invasion in Koopa Village.