Koopa Village

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Koopa Village
Koopa Village
Mario and Kooper in Koopa Village
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom, near Pleasant Path
Inhabitants Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, and Mort T.
Kooper without his shell, as seen in Paper Mario.
Mario returns Kooper's shell to him in the woods behind Koopa Village

Koopa Village is a small village in Paper Mario that is home to Koopas and some Bob-ombs, the latter of which escaped the Koopa Bros. Fortress. It is near a hill on Pleasant Path. As is hinted by Merlon from the prologue, Mario and Goombario are required to go here to help Kooper so he can join the party, because Mario has to use him to activate a switch in Pleasant Path. When they arrive, however, they find that Fuzzies are attacking the town, and they can optionally help out some of the Koopas who had lost their shells to the Fuzzy menaces. The pair also meet Kooper, a Koopa with a blue shell who eventually becomes Mario's second party member. A Fuzzy stole his shell and he asks Mario to get it back. Once Mario retrieves it, Kooper joins the party. After he helps Kooper defeat the Fuzzies, they flee, and several Bob-ombs move in. After Kooper joins, a Star Piece is accessible on a brick in the eastern part of Koopa Village. There is also a Star Piece hidden under a panel to the left of a group of Bob-ombs in the western area. Koopa Koot, the elder of the village, is an old, senile Koopa who asks people for favors often, which has given him a bad reputation. However, he gives out rewards for completing his favors.

Later in the game, the Koopa Troopas in the village write Mario a letter, thanking him for taking care of the Fuzzy problem and apologizing for not being able to reward him for it. Mario needs to go to the village to take or finish several sidequests, such as Koopa Koot's favors, the Trading Event, and letter delivery. At the end of the game, Parakarry visits Koopa Village to tell Bombette, who is seen to have resided here after her adventure with Mario, that she is invited to the party at Peach's Castle. After that, Kolorado's wife comes and asks Parakarry to find her husband.


Koopa Village is a village mainly consisting of grassland, with a row of six houses in the northern side, all of which look like Koopa shells; most of them feature island-based décor. From west to east, they are: a Toad House run by Mort T., Koopa's Shop, a house that resembles a blue shell, Kolorado's house, Kooper's house, and Koopa Koot's house. Bushes can be found in the southern part of the village. There is also a tree; the Bob-ombs relax in its shadow. Koopa Leaves can be found in some of the bushes. Behind Kooper's house is a path to a forest, which Mario visits on his quest to retrieve Kooper's shell.

The house that looks like a blue shell is home to a relaxed Koopa who lies in his hammock all day listening to the radio. On the radio are three stations: one called "Golden Oldies Station," which plays a direct cover of the credits theme from Super Mario World; another called "Island Sounds Station," playing an original song; the "Hot Hits Music Station," which plays Pop Diva's song after she is given the Lyrics and the Melody; and an Information Station that hosts trading events. In these events, Mario can participate by bringing certain items to a pink Toad in certain areas across the Mushroom Kingdom, for which he will be rewarded (often with items more valuable than the ones traded).

There is a road in front of the houses. To the west of the houses is the entrance/exit to Pleasant Path. Near Koopa Koot's house is a Warp Pipe that can be unlocked from Toad Town Tunnels. The pipe, once unlocked, can serve as a faster way to go to Koopa Village.


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Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Koopa Village, see here.

Items found[edit]

In addition to the items listed below, Koopa's Shop has several items on sale. Koopa Koot has 15 Star Pieces and gives them in threes if Mario does favors for him. Kolorado also has two Star Pieces that can be given to Mario here.

Item Icon Location
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel near the Bob-ombs in the first scene.
On a block after the Fuzzies flee in the second scene (requires Tornado Jump or puzzle solving).
Given by Mort T. after giving him a letter from Dry Dry Desert.
Letter A letter Given by Koover after giving him a letter from Muss T.
Given by Koover after giving him a letter from Fishmael.
Dried Shroom PaperMario Items DriedShroom.png In the southest bush at the southwestern corner of the first scene.
Koopa Leaf PaperMario Items KoopaLeaf.png In the southeast bush at the southeastern corner of the first scene (replenish-able resource).
In the bush nearest to the entrance in the second scene.
HP Plus Badge On a trunk in the scene behind Kooper's house, by getting it with Kooper.
Kooper's Shell Kooper'sShell PM.png Given by the Fuzzies after winning the minigame.
Koopa Legends KoopaLegends PM.png Given by Kolorado's wife for Koopa Koot's first favor.
Empty Wallet PM Empty Wallet.png Appears in the northeast bush in the southeastern corner of the first scene after taking Koopa Koot's sixth favor.
Glasses Glasses Appears in the bush with a white flower in the southwestern corner of the first scene after taking Koopa Koot's fifteenth favor.
Silver Credit PM Silver Credit.png Given by Koopa Koot after finishing his second favor.
Gold Credit GoldCredit PM.png Given by Koopa Koot after finishing his tenth favor.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "It's Koopa Village. Big surprise! Koopas live here. Recently it seems like some Bob-ombs have moved here, too. They must have run away from the fortress, huh?"
  • "The house with the yellowish roof is the home of the famous archaeologist and explorer, Kolorado. Kolorado's always running from one mysterious place to another in order to do research. He's really well respected in his field."
  • "We'd better be careful. There are supposedly lots of Fuzzies around this area. Usually they stay hidden, but lately they're more aggressive."
  • "This part of the forest is the Fuzzies' main stronghold. The woods would actually be quite beautiful if not for the Fuzzies. The light's nice... Do you think Koopas do the logging around here?"
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In-game map description[edit]

  • Many Koopas live in this village. Lately, Fuzzies have been playing tricks on them.
After Kooper joins Mario's party


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコ村
Nokonoko Mura
Koopa Troopa Village

Chinese 喏库喏库村
Nuòkùnuòkù Cūn
Nokonoko Village. Nokonoko is from the Japanese name for Koopa Troopa. (iQue)

French Village Koopa
Koopa Village
German Koopaheim
Spanish Pueblo Koopa
Koopa Town


  • The trees and bushes of Koopa Village are composed of green squares, making them look similar to 3D versions of the trees found in Lineland Road of Super Paper Mario.
  • In Paper Mario, before Chapter 1, there is a piece of Toad Town News that warns the Fuzzy invasion in Koopa Village.