Electro Dash

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Not to be confused with Electrodash.
Paper Mario move
Electro Dash
Watt using Electro Dash on a Gulpit in Shiver Snowfield
Mastered by Watt
Rank Base Rank
Effect Dashes at an enemy dealing piercing damage
Target Any single enemy
Attack Power 3 Base Rank
4 Super Rank
5 Ultra Rank
Element Electric
Watt using Electro Dash on General Guy.

Electro Dash is Watt's default, and only, attacking move in Paper Mario. To successfully perform this move, the player must hold the A button to fill up the gauge and release it when it's at its maximum. Watt will then attack a single enemy, bypassing their Defense Power. If the Action Command is failed, Watt will instead only deal 1 damage. This is the only partner move that pierces Defense in Paper Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビリビリアタック[1]
Biribiri Atakku
Electric Shock Attack

Chinese 电击
Electric Attack

French Électrocharge
Electro Charge
German Elektro-Hieb
Electro Blow
Spanish Calambrazo[2]
Electric Shock


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