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The Star Kids posing as Monstar, fleeing from Mario and Bombette
“Hey, do you think I can rise into the sky soon?”
Star Kid, Paper Mario

Star Kids are young stars that appear in Paper Mario. They are born in Starborn Valley, where they are raised by a group of Ninji who live in the area. Once they eventually mature, they ascend towards Star Haven to join older Star Kids and the Star Spirits. From there, they grant the wishes of people on the world below. By doing so, they have the possibility to become a Star Spirit themselves.[1]

During the events of the game, the Star Kids are unable to rise into the sky due to Bowser stealing the Star Rod from Star Haven. When Mario approaches Starborn Valley, they attempt to prevent Mario from entering their village by combining to create a creature called Monstar. After Monstar is defeated and fades away, the Star Kids composing it flee, allowing Mario to enter the village. Merle then explains that the Star Kids use that form to keep Bowser's followers out of the valley, and that no one expected Mario's quick arrival. As noted by the Ninjis, Star Kids are full of energy. After Mario has rescued Kalmar, they express excitement to rise up to Star Haven.


The only named Star Kid is Twink, who helps Mario throughout his journey and acts as Princess Peach's partner.

Individual tattles[edit]

  • "He's a Star Kid who isn't allowed to go up to the sky. It doesn't seem to have affected his spirits, though. It's no use worrying about these little guys now, Mario. We'll help 'em soon!"
  • "It's one of the Star Kids. Hey, maybe if we make friends with the Star Kids now, they'll grant us tons of wishes later!"
  • "It's a Star Kid--just a baby. Star Kids are so full of life, aren't they? I always wanted a younger brother, you know. It would be fun to get into hijinks with a little bro."
  • "It's a Star Kid. She's so cute! She reminds me of Goombaria."
  • "It's a Star Kid. He wants a younger brother. Hey, so do I! I hope he becomes a great star one day."
  • "This Star Kid thinks he's made himself invisible. He wants to go up to the sky. OK, but, it's hard to imagine this little prankster granting anyone's wishes..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の子
Hoshi no Ko
Star Kid
Chinese (Simplified) 星星孩子 (Paper Mario in-game name)
Xīngxing Háizi
星星宝宝[2] (Paper Mario instruction booklet)
Xīngxing Bǎobǎo
Star Kid

Star Baby
Chinese (Traditional) 星星之子[3]
Xīngxing zhī Zǐ
Star Kid
French Enfant Etoile Star Kid
German Sternenkinder Star Children
Spanish Niño Estrella Star Kid


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