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Cat Shine
A closeup of the Cat Shine in Bowser's Fury
First appearance Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (2021)
Latest appearance Tetris 99 (20th Maximus Cup, cameo) (2021)

Cat Shines are the main collectible of the Bowser's Fury campaign of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. They are shiny crimson objects shaped like cats' heads, with golden facial features, whiskers, and ear canals. Surrounding each one is a series of golden triangles of varying widths, loosely resembling the outer edges of a Shine Sprite. They are accompanied by a vibrant glow. Some Cat Shines appear above pedestals with a Cat Shine design on them, colored according to the region of Lake Lapcat they are found in.

Throughout Lake Lapcat, there are 100 Cat Shines in total to collect. 60 of these are found on the main islands, five on Lucky Isle, and 35 across the lake itself. Each of the twelve main islands has five Cat Shines. Three of these are obtained via unique missions (though some challenges are reused between islands), which have to be done in order; one is obtained by collecting the five Cat Shine Shards on the island; and one is located behind a set of Fury Blocks that can be destroyed only by Fury Bowser's fury blasts. However, the player can collect only up to 81 Cat Shines before Giant Bowser is defeated at least once and the main story is completed. Once the player returns to gameplay after viewing the credits, the locations of the remaining 19 Cat Shines appear on the map; this includes the four Cat Shines after the first one on Fur Step Island, the four Cat Shines collected by finding Toad Brigade members (which in some cases require defeating nearby enemies) and the five Cat Shines on Lucky Isle.

Cat Shines are collected only if Mario comes into contact with them; while Bowser Jr. can collect Cat Shine Shards, he cannot collect full Cat Shines. Additionally, held objects such as baseballs that are thrown at Cat Shines simply bounce off them. The animation that Mario performs when collecting Cat Shines resembles the one when he collects a non-story-related Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. If he collects a Cat Shine as Small Mario, then he turns into Super Mario afterward.

When the first Cat Shine of an island is collected, its power activates that island's lighthouse, clearing the black goop off its top until Mario leaves and returns to the island. If Fury Bowser is active when this occurs, he takes a small amount of damage from the lighthouse's light and retreats to the Fury Sun. However, defeating Fury Bowser solely by collecting Cat Shines is impossible, as the damage done by lighthouses never completely drains his health bar. Once all five Cat Shines on an island are collected, a Fling Pole resembling a Goal Pole appears on that island's lighthouse, and the black goop permanently disappears. Some Cat Shines may also clear goop other than that atop a lighthouse, which can unlock new missions. The missions "Climb to the Shine" (near Pounce Bounce Isle), "Hurry! Slide through the Sky!" (near Clawswipe Colosseum), and "Hurry! Slip to the Shine!" (near Pipe Path Tower) are all unlocked after Cat Shines on their respective nearby islands clear the goop concealing them.

When Mario leaves and returns to an area, its collected Cat Shines are transparent, and they do not light up lighthouses nor have a special animation when collected, instead awarding several coins. These transparent Cat Shines cannot progress the story, as only unique Cat Shines raise the counter in the heads-up display.

Mario and Bowser Jr. must collect a certain number of Cat Shines in order to awaken any available Giga Bells, with the number increasing according to how many times Fury Bowser has been defeated in battle. The required number is initially five before increasing to fifteen, then 20, 40, and finally 50 Cat Shines, where the final battle happens. In the 15 and 40 shine fights, he retreats after half his health is depleted, to be finished off in the following fights. Since Fury Bowser takes damage when a Cat Shine is collected, his health can be depleted to below half and he will not retreat, allowing the player to skip the 20 and 50 shine battles and allowing the player to beat the game with 40 Cat Shines. When the player has collected 47 Cat Shines, Fury Bowser begins a nonstop rampage until the player collects three additional Cat Shines and collects a Giga Bell to begin the final battles against Fury Bowser and Giant Bowser.

By collecting all 100 Cat Shines and defeating Giant Bowser again, a special painting is shown after the credits. When returning to gameplay, Cat Mario and Bowser Jr. have different appearances, with the former's suit being changed to look like Giga Cat Mario and the latter gaining cat-like ears, fur, and a tail. Fury Bowser also has bright white hair and spikes. While the changes to character design are purely aesthetic, future battles against Fury Bowser and Giant Bowser on that save file are notably more difficult. However, there is no reward for completing this new version of the ending sequence.


Names in other languages[edit]

For a list of Cat Shine mission names in other languages, see here.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネコシャイン[1]
Neko Shain
Cat Shine Sprite
Chinese (Simplified) 猫咪太阳之力[2]
Māomī Tàiyáng zhī Lì
Cat Shine Sprite
Chinese (Traditional) 貓咪太陽之力[2]
Māomī Tàiyáng zhī Lì
Cat Shine Sprite
Dutch Katzon Cat Shine Sprite
French Astre félin Feline Star
German Katzen-Insigne Cat Insignia; from "Insignie der Sonne" (Shine Sprite)
Italian Solegatto Cat Sun; from "Sole Custode" (Shine Sprite)
Korean 고양이샤인
Goyangi Syain
Cat Shine Sprite
Portuguese Sol felino[3] Cat Shine Sprite
Russian Котофея солнца[4]
Kotofeya solntsa
Cat Shine Sprite
Spanish Sol felino Cat Shine Sprite