Sprixie House

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A Sprixie House is a bonus house in Super Mario 3D World. The present Sprixie in the house allows the player to keep the Stamp that appears in the house once the player enters. Once the character collects the stamp, the level ends and cannot be accessed again.

A Super Mario Bros. Luigi sprite is visible in the bottom-left corner of the windows, behind one of the birds. The sprite is easier to see against dark exteriors, like in World 4-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House, and getting close to the windowsill will cause the birds to fly away, allowing the player to see it even better. Jumping on the windowsill proper, or waiting in the Sprixie House for too long will cause the sprite to duck down and disappear.


Level Number Picture Stamp Collected
World 2-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World 2-tent.png SM3DW-SprixiePrincessStamp.png
World 3-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World 3-tent.png SM3DW-CryingSprixiePrincessStamp.png
World 4-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World 4-tent.png SM3DW-MadSprixiePrincessStamp.png
World 5-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World 5-tent.png SM3DW-HappySprixiePrincessStamp.png
World 6-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World 6-tent.png SM3DW-ThinkingSprixiePrincessStamp.png
World CastleWorldCastleIcon (SM3DW).png-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World Castle-tent.png SM3DW-SurprisedSprixiePrincessStamp.png
World BowserBowserIcon SM3DW.png-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World Bowser-tent.png Scared Sprixie Princess Stamp-SM3DW.png
World StarWorld Star-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World Star-tent.jpg Cat Mario Climbing Stamp-SM3DW.png
World CrownCrownIcon.png-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House SM3DW World Crown-tent.png 8bitLuigiStamp-SM3DW.png