Kick Bomb

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Artwork of a Kick Bomb.

Kick Bombs[1] are bombs introduced in Super Mario 3D World. They are patterned after soccer balls, to indicate that they can be kicked forward. They first appear in World 1-Castle Icon.pngCastle: Bowser's Highway Showdown as one of the obstacles, and they are the only way to defeat Bowser when he is riding his Bowser Mobile, where he tosses the bombs from. The explosions are capable of breaking Rock Blocks and defeating enemies.

During the Bowser Mobile boss battles, if the Kick Bombs are swiped at or rolled into, and connects to Bowser, they will do triple the damage, and could allow Bowser to be defeated in three hits instead of nine. The player cannot kick a Kick Bomb that is flashing red, as it will otherwise hurt the player.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キックボム[2]
Kikku Bomu
Kick Bomb


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