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Giga Bell
Art of the Giga Bell from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
The Giga Bell after it has been awakened
First appearance Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (2021)
Effect Transforms Mario into Giga Cat Mario
“When the beast awakens, so shall I...”
Giga Bell, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Cat Mario looks at the Lakeside Giga Bell in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
The corrupted Lakeside Giga Bell

Giga Bells are power-ups that appear in the Bowser's Fury campaign of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. A Giga Bell transforms Mario into Giga Cat Mario, but its power can only be accessed by collecting Cat Shines. Unlike most power-ups in the Super Mario series, Giga Bells are capable of speech. They resemble standard Super Bells, but are much larger, with cat ears and whiskers, green eyes, and a more orange coloration in their active state, with their dormant state depicting them as grayed-out and stone-like. When they become available for use, they emit a ring similar to but much deeper than that of Super Bells, in addition to a low-pitched meow.

After Bowser Jr. covers Bowser with black goop and turns him into Fury Bowser, the goop spreads throughout Lake Lapcat, including onto the three Giga Bells of the area. Each Giga Bell has four major islands surrounding it, which altogether comprise each of three major regions: the Lakeside, Ruins, and Wasteland. The Lakeside region is available to explore after Mario collects the "Make the Lighthouse Shine" Cat Shine on Fur Step Island. After Fury Bowser is defeated once, the Ruins region and its Giga Bell will appear. After he is defeated three times, the Wasteland region and its Giga Bell will appear.

Each Giga Bell rests on a pedestal with a short staircase leading to the top. Several coin piles appear on the highest step. When a Giga Bell is first encountered, it will be corrupted by black goop, and Mario takes damage if he touches it. Mario must collect a specific number of Cat Shines to cleanse all available Giga Bells of goop, which is displayed if Mario stands in front of it. This number is initially five, and grows after each time Fury Bowser is defeated, changing to fifteen, then twenty, then forty, and finally fifty Cat Shines required to activate the Giga Bells. After all five missions have been completed on an island, leaving and returning to it will display the text "(number) Outline of a Cat Shine from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury to awaken (Japanese: 目覚めよ!ギガベル, Mezameyo! Giga Beru)", indicating how many Cat Shines are left to collect to activate any available Giga Bells.

When enough Cat Shines are collected to meet the required number, their power will remove some goop from every available Giga Bell, revealing a stone-like appearance. The Giga Bells will then remain inactive until Fury Bowser rises out of the Fury Sun and begins rampaging. Once a rampage begins, any available Giga Bells will immediately become available for use, signified by a cutscene showing them activate and a bright light appearing over each one. If a rampage ends before Mario collects a Giga Bell, it will return to its inactive state. If Mario collects a Giga Bell during a rampage, a cutscene plays showing him transforming from Cat Mario into Giga Cat Mario, regardless of the power-up form he was in before the cutscene. This enables him to battle Fury Bowser directly.

In the final boss battle of the campaign, Giant Bowser gathers all three Giga Bells to prevent Mario from using them and encases them in a crystal ball. Mario must ram Plessie into this ball multiple times until it breaks. Plessie and Mario then simultaneously collect all three Giga Bells, at which point Plessie enters his own Cat form, defeating Bowser and returning him to normal.

After the main story of the campaign is completed, all three Giga Bells are completely cleansed of goop. Their tops are now accessible, and Ground Pounding atop a Giga Bell in this state rewards the player with a Super Bell.


  • "The beast's fury has grown too strong. The light of the Cat Shines can no longer keep it at bay..."
  • "You are ready. Go! Cleanse the beast of its fury with the full power of the Cat Shines!"
Play Nintendo
  • "What's bigger than Cat Mario? Giga Cat Mario! Transform with this mighty power-up and you will 'purr' right through any obstacle. Be careful, though, because Fury Bowser is close!"[1]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガベル
Giga Beru
Giga Bell

Chinese (simplified) 巨型铃铛[2]
Jùxíng Língdang
Giant Bell

Chinese (traditional) 巨型鈴鐺[2]
Jùxíng Língdang
Giant Bell

Dutch Gigabel
Giga Bell
French Giga cloche
Giga Bell
German Giga-Glocke
Giga Bell
Italian Gigacampana
Giga Bell
Korean 기가벨
Giga Bell

Portuguese Gigaguizo
Giga Jingle Bell
Russian Гигаколокольчик[3]
Giga Bell

Spanish Gigacampana
Giga Bell

Lakeside Giga Bell[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はまべのギガベル
Hamabe No Giga Beru
Giga Bell on the beach

Dutch Strand-gigabel
Beach Giga Bell
Spanish Gigacampana de la playa
Giga Bell of the beach

Ruins Giga Bell[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いせきのギガベル
Iseki No Giga Beru
Giga Bell in the Ruins

Dutch Ruïne-gigabel
Ruin Giga Bell
Spanish Gigacampana de las ruinas
Giga Bell of the ruins

Wasteland Giga Bell[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あれちのギガベル
Arechi No Giga Beru
Giga Bell in the Wasteland

Dutch Rots-gigabel
Rock Giga Bell
Spanish Gigacampana del acantilado
Giga Bell of the cliff


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