Sprixie Kingdom

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Sprixie Kingdom
SM3DW Map.png
Ruler Sprixie Princesses
Inhabitants Sprixies, Plessie, Conkdors, Ant Troopers
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)
Latest appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)

The Sprixie Kingdom is a large kingdom inhabited by the Sprixies and ruled by the Sprixie Princesses. It is separated from the Mushroom Kingdom by Clear Pipes, which the Sprixie Princesses can build. The kingdom is segmented to eight islands, one owned and controlled by Bowser. There are other monarchs residing in the kingdom, such as King Ka-thunk and the Hisstocrats. High above the kingdom in space are the Worlds Star, Mushroom, Flower, and Crown. The kingdom's most common settings are grasslands, circuses and snowy areas.


The Sprixie Kingdom is introduced in Super Mario 3D World as the main setting for the majority of the game. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad enter the kingdom via Warp Pipe after Bowser kidnaps the green Sprixie Princess before them. The islands have a theme, such as World 1 being a grassland, but the courses within vary, ranging from grasslands to deserts to circuses and areas made of food.


  • World 1 - A green grassland island where the green Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World 2 - A yellow desert island where the yellow Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World 3 - A blue snowy and icy island where the blue Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World 4 - A orange canyon island where the orange Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World 5 - A purple beach-like island where the purple Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World 6 - A cyan island of clouds in the sky where the cyan Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World Castle - A red-hued large and highly volcanic castle in the sky where the red Sprixie Princess is kept.
  • World Bowser - A rainbow-colored amusement park in the sky owned by Bowser.
  • World Star - A watery blue island in space.
  • World Mushroom - A watery green island in space connected to World Flower.
  • World Flower - A watery purple island in space connected to World Mushroom.
  • World Crown - A watery gold crown-shaped island in deep space.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ようせいの国
Yōsei no Kuni
Land of Fairies
Spanish (NOA) Reino Feri Feri Kingdom
(the word Feri may be derived from "feérico", a Spanish word meaning that something is related to or associated with fairies)
Spanish (NOE) País de las Hadas Fairies' Country
French Royaume des Libella Sprixie Kingdom
Dutch Sprixieland Sprixie Land
Italian Regno delle fate Fairies' Kingdom
Portuguese Reino das Anafadas Fairies' Kingdom
Russian Королевство фей[1]
Korolevstvo fey
Kingdom of the fairies
Chinese (Simplified) 妖精之国[2]
Yāojīng zhī Guó
Kingdom of the Fairies
Chinese (Traditional) 妖精之國[3]
Yāojīng zhī Guó
Kingdom of the Fairies