List of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Though most new glitches apply to the new Bowser's Fury campaign, several glitches present in the original Super Mario 3D World campaign also return.[1][2]

For a list of glitches found in the original game, see here. All glitch names are conjectural unless otherwise noted.


Bowser Jr. Flies Off

If the player uses the touch cursor to send Bowser Jr. towards a stationary Cat little bird, there is a small chance that he follows it as it flies into the sky, going far beyond the distance he normally is from Mario. He then attempts to warp back to Mario, eventually doing so.[3]

Clawswipe Colosseum Out of Bounds

It is possible to enter a small out-of-bounds area in Clawswipe Colosseum by having Mario jump and clip into a specific corner at the front of the colosseum.[4]

Duplicated Cat Shine

If the player views a Cat Shine from the side or a more specific angle, they may occasionally see it overlap, indicating two.[4]

Duplicated Propeller Box

Sometimes Mario receives two Propeller Boxes rather than one, this being visible as Mario runs in a random manner.[4]

Dive With Any Item

It is possible to view a diving animation for Mario in any power-up form. As Cat Mario or Lucky Cat Mario, the player must have Mario dive right after selecting a different item from item storage. If successful, Mario receives the item shortly after beginning his dive, with the diving animation continuing regardless of Mario's new power-up form. Most likely due to the appearance of the Cat Suit, Mario's hands appear somewhat noticeably larger during this time.[4]

Edge Stuttering

If Mario Ground Pounds on the very edge of a button that triggers a battle, he repeatedly stutters until the battle begins.[5]

Frame Perfect Transformation Cat Shine

If Mario collects a Cat Shine as soon as he begins transforming, he is shown frozen in the air instead of doing his regular pose.[6]

Fury Bowser Stuck

It is possible to temporarily freeze Fury Bowser during a battle as Giga Cat Mario. The player must lure Fury Bowser onto one side of the Slipskate Slope island and have him perform his Ground Pound attack before heading to the other side. Eventually, Fury Bowser attempts to roll toward Mario but becomes stuck on the bridge. This continues until Mario lures him away to a different location.[4]

Goomba on Air

If a Goomba from a Goomba Tower lands on Bowser Jr., it remains in the air for a short period of time before falling again.[7]

Hit the Rabbit Without Hitting it

Extremely rarely, Mario may catch a Rabbit while he is far away from it.[8]

Ice Momentum Glitch

As the ice momentum glitch returns in both the main story and the side mode, Mario may crouch while moving repeatedly on an icy surface to gain rapid momentum, allowing him to launch across far distances. Performing this with a Propeller Box even causes the box to disappear from its original location.[4] However, if the player is playing with a single Joy-Con, they will continuously crouch instead.

Infinite Super Star Music

If Mario takes damage by standing in black goop, then collects a Super Star while still standing in the goop, the invincibility music plays non-stop while Mario does not actually become Invincible Mario.[9]

Missing an Item

If Mario selects an item from the item storage right before collecting a Cat Shine, the power-up drops to the ground rather than moving towards him.[4]

Music Stops Suddenly

If Mario exits a bonus room, there is a chance that the music may stop playing completely.[10] The music plays again when he collects a Cat Shine.[11]

Out of Bounds in the Big Cat Mario VS Bowser Fury fight

In the second fight of the game, the player must guide Mario to position himself behind one of the spikes near the initial island.

Now Mario must jump between the spike that is closest to the barrier and Mario should go through the barrier. While in this location, the player can move far enough away that the battlefield is not visible. In this state, Bowser can chase Mario using his jump. If the player moves too far away, they will stop seeing the black liquid and will see water. If Mario continues moving forward, the water will stop colliding and Mario will fall forever. To fix this, the player has to load another save file.[12]

Plessie Makes a Splash

If the player jumps repeatedly and quickly while on Plessie while moving against certain walls, it may start to splash frantically.[4]

Teleporting Rabbit

If the player uses the touch cursor to send Bowser Jr. towards a Rabbit from a far distance and he misses, the rabbit teleports continuously until Bowser Jr. moves away from it.[13]

Water Hides Clear Pipe

In Champion's Road, the moving area of water draws itself over the Clear Pipe leading to the Ring Burners section, making it more difficult for players to see and enter the Clear Pipe. This glitch is never seen in the original Wii U version of Super Mario 3D World.