List of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope glitches

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This is a list of glitches in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.


Animationless Wildclaw

In situations where a Wildclaw uses a reaction attack twice within one action turn (e.g. Rabbid Mario using his Counter Blow ability followed by an attack with his weapon will result in this chain of events: Rabbid Mario attacks, Wildclaw reacts, Rabbid Mario counters, Wildclaw reacts), the Wildclaw will freeze after being attacked a second time, but the damage and visual effects will still appear on screen. After a moment, the game will resume normally. The hurt animations of the affected hero will also not play out.

Barren Gateway enemy freeze

An example of enemies unable to move after exiting a specific pipe in the Barren Gateway Quest in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Several Flamin' Stooges and a Depleter affected by the glitch.

In the side Quest Barren Gateway in Barrendale Mesa, the battle may have a pipe that connects to the top platform. If an enemy goes through the pipe to go upwards, the enemy will stop as soon as they exit, and they will not do anything for about ten seconds. They will then end their turn or attack if a hero is within range. If a group of Goombas go through said pipe, they will all glitch into one another, and the game will freeze. The battle will not continue, and must be restarted if this happens.

Daphne T-pose

During the battle with Daphne in the quest Momma's Payback, if the player uses Glitter, Daphne will appear in a T-pose when she either drops down or goes in a Rabbid Pipe while being drawn towards the player with the Spark.[1]

Eight Red Coins glitch

If the player manages to collect the eighth Red Coin of any Red Ring at the last possible second (right after the ticking sound goes off and the coin has just disappeared), the success fanfare will play, but no chest will appear, and the eighth coin will be counted as "1". If the player retries and collects the coins again, their numbers will be off by one. By collecting the seventh coin (which will be counted as the eighth), the chest will appear, even if the player has to collect one last coin. If the player actually collects the last remaining coin, the game will softlock. The only way to progress is to reset the game.

Fixed camera bug

During certain battles, the camera usually pans on either the Heroes or enemies. However, at a certain point, the camera will sometimes be stuck at a fixed position. This can be fixed by either winning, losing, or restarting the battle.[2]

Gargantu-fan bounce bug

A Sea Stooge not being bounced away by Gargantu-fan's ability in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
An example of Gargantu-fan's ability not bouncing away Splash-resistant enemies

Enemies that are resistant to the Splash Super Effect will not be bounced away by Gargantu-fan's ability, Kong Cameo, even though it does not inflict Splash damage to enemies. This could be an oversight or a bug. A future update patched the glitch, and now Splash-resistant enemies can now be bounced with Gargantu-fan, as well as Rayman's Vortex abilities.

Luigi's Landing Range bug

Prior to version 1.2.2076427, Luigi's Landing Range upgrades only affected his first two team jumps. Any jumps performed afterward, whether it was from allies or Jump Panels, the landing range would be smaller than his upgraded landing range, despite the area shown before landing. This bug has been fixed, and Luigi's landing Range now applies to all of his team jumps.

Multiple explosions crash

If the player uses Glitter and either Rabbid Mario or Peach for their wide range, it is possible to defeat several Bob-ombs in one attack. However, if they all explode at the same time after being defeated, it will sometimes cause the game to crash.

Out-of-bounds enemy

If Mario, Luigi, or Edge do their reaction attacks when an enemy is falling out of bounds, and if they have the Shock Super Effect applied to their weapon from the Spark Electroid, they can cause an enemy to fall completely out of bounds far below the battlefield. To make this happen, two enemies must be almost knocked out of bounds, close to each other, and then one of the heroes mentioned above must attack one of them with their reaction attack. This will cause both of them to get shocked in mid-air, because the Shock Super Effect spreads to nearby targets. The enemy that is not directly targeted with then fall far below the battlefield and not reappear on the battlefield, unable to be targeted by anyone. The enemy will still have their icon above them if the Tacticam is used and the camera is at the right angle. When it is the enemy's turn, they will be unable to do anything. Depending on the battle conditions, this may cause the battle to be unwinnable, as the enemy is far out of attack range, and must be restarted. This glitch will not work if the enemy is resistant to the Shock Super Effect.

Palette Prime progress glitch

In Palette Prime, if the player completes The Fallen King quest and then completes the Palette Prime Secret Zone side quest before completing the Off-Color quest, the secret area’s quest will reset to asking the player to reach the Spark they already found (re-entering a secret area the second time will start a time trial for a weapon skin or coins if entered afterwards), the other quest objectives can be updated by leaving and re-entering the secret zone until the objective is to reach the spark, at which point there is no way to update and complete the quest and prevents the player from reaching 100% in Palette Prime.[3]

This glitch has been patched in the The Tower of Doooom DLC update, and any save files that were affected by the glitch have been patched.

The Fork in two places

The Fork inside his house during the Bury the Hatchet Spark Quest in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. This is a glitch as he is not meant to be there.
The Fork inside his house during the "Bury the Hatchet" Spark Quest.

There is a bug where the player can find The Fork in his house while doing the Bury the Hatchet Spark Quest. The player can also find him near Gourd Lake, where he tasks the players to find the Magic Whetstone. If the player enters his house while he is near Gourd Lake, he will appear inside his house, but cannot be talked to.

The Vertigo Trail Scan Power glitch

The Side Quest The Vertigo Trail has one glitch involving the Scan Power where the cube does not pop up, resulting in achieving 100% impossible. This is the only glitch that has yet to be patched since version 1.5.[citation needed]

This glitch was patched following the version 1.2.2076427 update, though this has still not been fixed in affected save files.

Time Trial Overtime Glitch

During a time trial, if the player opens the team menu when the timer is about to reach zero and then exits out, the fail screen will appear but the player will still be able to control the characters in the background. This causes all enemies to disappear and softlocks the game until the player returns to the main menu and reloads the save. The player can still complete the time trial in this glitched state, and opening the container at the end of the trial will award the player as if they just completed it, and due to the game saving after completion of a time trial, the player can go back to the main menu and reload the save and still have the awarded items. This glitch can be infinitely recreated.[4]