Everbloom Tree

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Everbloom Tree
The heroes exploring the Everbloom Tree on the planet Terra Flora in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Inhabitants Bea
Professor Backpack
“However, if there is hope to be found amidst the bleak, it shall be found at the Everbloom Tree.”
Sullivan, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

The Everbloom Tree is a giant tree found on the planet Terra Flora in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. The warden of the planet, Bea, lives inside of it, as well as her Spark companion Drizzle. Vine bridges connect to everywhere inside of the Everbloom Tree.

The heroes travel here because Sullivan told them that the solution to reaching to the Wiggler Train is found here. The heroes meet Bea, and she grants them Drizzle to upgrade Beep-0's Wave Power. This allows the heroes to grow vine bridges that are not already grown. They use this power to reach the Wiggler Train.


The map of the Everbloom Tree
The map of the Everbloom Tree

On the outside, the Everbloom Tree is a giant tree that is in bloom. It has lots of pink leaves. When the drought occurred, all of its leaves were gone, and no flowers were in bloom.

Inside, the Everbloom Tree is large, with many big vine bridges connecting to various parts of the interior. Armored Goombas, and an Oozer roam inside the Tree. A high leveled Squashette stays at one place, guarding a side path that leads to the Wildwood Bowzooka for Bowser.

Professor Backpack is found in a secret area, which has The Riddle of the Engineer's Guild. If the heroes can solve the riddle, they will be awarded both a Planet Coin and a Star Potion.

Bea and Drizzle are found at the top of the Tree, and the Spark Aquaquake is rescued after the Ooze Inside the Everbloom battle.


Main Quests[edit]

Side Quests[edit]


Sparks found here[edit]

Memories found here[edit]

  • Bea the Busy Bee


Below is a list of all the murals found inside the Everbloom Tree. They all tell the backstory of Bea. All of them are narrated by Beep-0, with JEANIE intervening at one of them.

Mural 1
  • "The warden here is BEA? It turns out she's THE Bea! The beloved singer who left it all behind to be an organic farmer!"
  • "She got her start playing "Roxxie" on "The Gashapon Gang", a show about a teen rock band who turned into giant gashapons to fight crime."
Mural 2
  • "Bea's first solo album was corporate-produced teen pop drivel. I mean, really, who listens to that rubbish?"
  • (JEANIE): "Your playlist has six different live versions of that album, including a remastered one that was released last week, Beep-0."
Mural 3
  • "Bea fired her manager and made an experimental album, done entirely underwater!"
  • "Critics dared to call it an "artistic temper tantrum appealing only to pseudo-intellectual snobs". Honestly - I love it!"
Mural 4
  • "Bea is a survivor! With her singing career over, she retired to Terra Flora and began a new life as an organic farmer."
  • "Thankfully, we have lots of great albums to remember Bea's beautiful voice... just not this one. Here she sounds like a rusty chainsaw."
Mural 5
  • "A whole new generation of fans was exposed to Bea when she became a celebrity host for the annual Galactovision song contest."
  • "Unfortunately, The Phantom was her co-host. The two constantly tried to outshine each other, eventually ruining their voices."
Mural 6
  • "Bea sang the Beacon Beach Brawler's entrance music LIVE for his Galaxy Wrestling Title bout at Galact-o-Mania."
  • "It was the first of many il-advised[sic] comeback attempts, although she did develop one heck of a sunset piledriver!"
Mural 7
  • "Bea made this album during her punk-pop phase after a whirlwind relationship with the Phantom. Silly celebrity nonsense, really."
  • "I can't believe he dumped her at the Galaxy Music Awards! By text! DURING her acceptance speech! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!"
Mural 8
  • "A wiser, more mature Bea grew into her own with this album, which critics called "soulful" and "masterfully crafted"."
  • "It sold only three hundred copies and effectively ended her career."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウララ大木
Urara Taiboku
Ooh la la Tree

Italian Albero semprinfiore
Everbloom Tree
Spanish Árbol Floreterno
Everflower Tree