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This article is about the location in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. For the object in Donkey Kong Country Returns that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can blow onto, see Blow.
Image for The Windmill Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Inhabitants SALESBOT 9.99+TX
Professor Backpack
Various Rabbids
“That Windmill supplies power to Momma's Momma icon garage. It's obviously functioning abnormally.”
Beep-0, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

The Windmill is an area on the planet Barrendale Mesa in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It consists of a large Windmill inside a factory environment. As such, there are several mechanical bridges, a crane, and circuits. Upon arriving at Barrendale Mesa, a Darkmess Tentacle causes the Windmill to malfunction, causing an electrical storm. The heroes journey to the Windmill to restore it, and to cause power to return to Momma's Garage. The Giant Magnafowl resides here as an optional boss.


The map of the Windmill in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
The map of the Windmill area

The Windmill area consists of a many ramps, ladders, and mechanical bridges, along with a crane that can be operated by the heroes. There are also three circuit boards that power up the crane and bridges respectively. By the crane, SALESBOT 9.99+TX has set up a shop, with Professor Backpack residing at the base of the crane, trying to solve a riddle. Several Rabbid workers appear throughout the Windmill area. Murals 3-12 depicting the backstory of the warden of Barrendale Mesa, Momma, are found throughout the Windmill Area.

Three Spellraisers roam the middle areas of the Windmill, with a Magikoopa at a high platform. Two Spellraisers guard areas that have Memories for "The Ring Stabilizer" and "The Windmill", while the other is close to a blue pipe leading to a Bonus Room. The Bonus Room has the Memory for "Galactic Atlas: Barrendale Mesa".

Three Teleport Flags are located at the entrance to the Windmill Area, the area before the third circuit puzzle, and at the base of the Windmill. Several Darkmess Puddles are located around the area, with one of them being a battle where Mario and Edge are required for the battle. After the battle, the "Mario" Memory is obtained.

A fuse can be found and returned to fix a circuit close by the entrance, causing a Treasure Chest to appear. A Rabbid trapped in a storage contained can be freed using Beep-0's Wave Power, causing a Treasure Chest to appear. The storage contain the Rabbid is trapped in is the same one that the crane moves.

At the third circuit puzzle, a hidden bridge that can be revealed by using Beep-0's Scan Power leads to an area where the Giant Magnafowl resides. 29 Sparks are required to unlock the Golden Pipe to fight the boss.

A Darkmess Tentacle is at the base of the Windmill, causing its malfunctioning. After the battle, the Windmill is fixed, and the storm disappears.


Main Quests[edit]

Side Quests[edit]


Sparks encountered[edit]

Memories found here[edit]

  • The Ring Stabilizer
  • The Windmill
  • Galactic Atlas: Barrendale Mesa
  • Mario



Below is a list of the majority of murals depicting Momma's backstory, described by Beep-0. Murals 3-12 are found in the Windmill Area.

Mural 3
  • "Momma felt a kinship with the Rabbids here who were living life "wild and free", like a solar-powered car without brakes."
  • "Yet this freedom was costly - their recklessness reduced the once-bountiful planet into desert. Could they have it both ways?"
Mural 4
  • "Momma stuck around to show the Rabbids how to make their ingenuity work FOR them, versus against them."
  • "They were fascinated - the thought of NOT fleeing in terror for their own creations had somehow never occurred to them."
Mural 5
  • "Although born with "itchy feet for the open road", Momma fell in love with this place, and made to a decision."
  • "She used her entire life savings to open a garage and jerky hut, with the help from her new "thrill-seeking sidekicks"."
Mural 6
  • "It wasn't easy, but Momma taught the Rabbids here how to be responsible in mechanical engineering, robotics, and jerky-making."
  • "The Rabbids began to model themselves after her. It was then that they gave her the nickname "Momma". Sniff!"
Mural 7
  • "Momma began a new life here, but there was a problem - without a way to fuel her new power grid, they couldn't rebuild."
  • "There was only ONE alternative - the battery that was fueling the wild and wicked mechanical marauder, who was tearing up the planet just for kicks!"
Mural 8
  • "Momma had "civilized" the once savage Rabbids here, but now she needed them to go back to living like there was no tomorrow!"
  • "They pooled everything they owned, used every ounce of ill-advised ingenuity to build... MECHA MOMMA!"
Mural 9
  • "Momma and the Rabbids busted up the mechanical mischief-maker and used its power source to fuel their new power grid."
  • "Momma and the Rabbids then hit full throttle to transform Barrendale Mesa into a freedom-loving galaxy rider's paradise."
Mural 10
  • "The efforts to rebuild here were cut short by the arrival of the nastiest ne're-do-wells in the known galaxy - Cursa's army!"
  • "Knowing the other, more populated planets were likely also in danger, Momma knew they had to act! But how?"
Mural 11
  • "With Cursa's army tearing the Galaxy apart, it was the Rabbids who surprised Momma with a "far out" plan of their own."
  • "Having returned to their roots, but having learned something vaguely resembling responsibility, they hit the open Galaxy to help others!"
Mural 12
  • "Having so many Rabbids leave Barrendale Mesa to help fight against Cursa's minions meant rebuilding slowed to a trickle."
  • "But if Cursa thought it could stop the rebuild entirely, then it wasn't counting on Momma and her Rabbids!"

Memory Bio[edit]


Once, this windmill was used to harness gusts of wind to mill grain and pump water. Momma has since adapted it to be a renewable source of electricity with which Barrendale Mesa can be transformed to its former glory. For those who wish to reach the base of the generator, cranes and moving platforms must be used in lieu of ladders, elevators or any remotely safe means of scaling.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Mulino a vento Windmill