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Oozer in Luigi's Mansion 3
First appearance Luigi’s Mansion 3 (2019)
Subject origin Ghost

Oozers are long, skinny, yellow ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3. They look and behave very similarly to Hiders from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, as they like to hide in or near furniture and throw items such as fruit at Luigi. Oozers have 100 HP.

Oozers are more aggressive than Hiders, as they attack much faster and more frequently. They also sometimes throw objects in sets of three instead of just once. They are first encountered in the Entertainment Room of the Mezzanine after defeating Chef Soulfflé.

The end of the game reveals the Oozers were being brainwashed by King Boo's crown gem, as they and the other ghosts quickly regain their senses and become friendly once the gem vanishes from Luigi's hands as they were about to attack him. Among the rest of the standard ghosts in the game, Oozers are seen working with the protagonists to rebuild the fallen hotel through a series of pictures throughout the closing credits.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナロスト
Narrost; probably a portmanteau of "narrow" and "ghost"
Chinese 投擲手
Tóuzhì Shǒu
Dutch Slungel "Slungel" is a slang word used to describe a tall, skinny, and usually clumsy man.
French Cache-lanceur Cache means "hiding" and lanceur means "thrower"
German Werfer Thrower
Italian Nascondino Hide & Seek(er)
Spanish (NOA) Lanzaente From lanzar (throw) and ente (entity)
Spanish (NOE) Lanzarillo Pun on lanzar (throw) and the diminutive -illo


  • Their design is pretty similar to Stretch, the leader of Casper's Ghostly Trio.