Darkmess Tentacle

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Darkmess Tentacle
Mario's group overlooking the Darkmess Tentacle in the Winter Palace.
A Darkmess Tentacle inside the Winter Palace
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Variant of Darkmess

Darkmess Tentacles are a form of Darkmess that appear in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. They are a big and dangerous form of Darkmess that has sprouted tentacles, and two are found at each of the five planets. Darkmess Tentacles also cause disaster for each planet. After clearing out a Darkmess Tentacle, the heroes can purify it into a Purified Darkmess Energy Crystal, which can be used to create warp tunnels to other planets, although two crystals are needed to do so.


Beacon Beach[edit]

In Beacon Beach, a Darkmess Tentacle on the lighthouse causes a rainstorm that never ends.

Pristine Peaks[edit]

In Pristine Peaks, a Darkmess Tentacle at the summit of the mountains causes an eternal blizzard.

  • At the top of the mountains a Darkmess Tentacle is located, having the battle Icy Breath of Winter, in which the heroes must destroy three Stone Masks that have gusts of wind. After the battle, Electroid joins the heroes, and the blizzard ends.
  • Inside the Winter Palace another Darkmess Tentacle is located, having the battle Midnite Library, where the heroes, along with Rabbid Rosalina must defeat Midnite. After Midnite is defeated, Rabbid Rosalina joins the heroes.

Palette Prime[edit]

In Palette Prime, a Darkmess Tentacle drains the colors of the trees in Spellbound Woods. Unlike in the other planets, these Darkmess Tentacles can be cleared in either order.

Terra Flora[edit]

In Terra Flora, a Darkmess Tentacle inside Mt. Spout causes a drought for the plants.

  • On the train tracks, a Darkmess Tentacle is located, having the battle One Angry Wiggler, in which the heroes must destroy Darkmess Eyes on the Wiggler, before it destroys the train.
  • Inside Mt. Spout, where a Darkmess Tentacle is located, having the battle Spout Forth, where the heroes must destroy all three Darkmess Dams. After the battle, Pulser joins the heroes, and Mt. Spout starts flowing again, watering all of the plants.

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

In Barrendale Mesa a Darkmess Tentacle affects the Windmill, causing an electrical storm.

  • At the windmill a Darkmess Tentacle is located, having the battle A Foul Windmill Blows, in which the heroes must defend the four turning mechanisms on the windmill for eight turns. After the battle, the windmill starts functioning again, and the electrical storm is cleared.
  • At Momma's Garage, although not seen until Daphne ambushes the heroes, a Darkmess Tentacle is located. After ambushing the heroes, Daphne causes a Darkmess tentacle to rise up from the ground, having the battle The Hunter of the Mesa, where the heroes must defeat Daphne.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークメス・テンタクル
Dākumesu Tentakuru
Darkmess Tentacle
German Finsterzeit-Tentakel Darkmess Tentacle
Italian Tentacolo di Oscutiferio Darkmess Tentacle