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Edge in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Artwork of Edge in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Portrayed by Lexie Kendrick (English)[1]
Toa Yukinari (Japanese)
“NOT a Spark Hunter. Name's Edge.”
Edge, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Edge (also referred to as Rabbid Edge or Steward of Sparks[2][3]) is a warrior Rabbid that appears as one of the main playable characters in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Unlike the other playable Rabbids, she is not based on a character from the Super Mario franchise, instead possessing spiky black and green hair and wearing a jacket, along with black fingerless gloves and black and green boots. She wields the Flying Blade, a large sword with two rabbit ear-like protrusions on the tip of the blade.[3] Her Stormblade technique will damage any enemy that moves, similar to Hero Sight and Steely Stare. She can also dash multiple enemies in one turn.[4]

She was later revealed to be the former leader of the Spark Hunters and had been created by Cursa, before she turned against them, as she had enough free will to go on her own. However, her comrades end up turning on her as they remained loyal to Cursa.[5] After her betrayal, Cursa created Kanya to take her place, who instead fled to the Melodic Gardens with her own plans to conquer Cursa and the galaxy.


Edge is a female Rabbid who looks vastly different from most other Rabbids. She has spiky black and green hair with green "eyebrows". Edge's eyes have purple/pink eyeshadow, with a pointed eyelash for each eye. Her eyes are light blue, with black pupils. Edge's mouth does not have the pink around it unlike other normal Rabbids, and she has pointy teeth. Edge wears a ripped purple shirt with a black jacket over it, unzipped. On her hands, Edge wears black fingerless gloves. On her feet, Edge wears black boots with a green line around the top, with a triangle shape being formed in front. Edge's clothing and personality strongly indicate that she is a tough, punk/goth themed Rabbid. Edge is also slightly taller than most other Rabbids.



Edge was created by Cursa as the leader of the Spark Hunters, and thus received free will of thinking, allowing her to lead the other Spark Hunters. Using that free will, Edge was able to see the evil inside of Cursa, and about her plan, and thus betrayed Cursa. Edge then tried to change the Spark Hunters for the better, but they turned against Edge, and remained loyal to Cursa. Edge then left, and traveled throughout the galaxy to save as many Sparks as she could.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

When the heroes enter the Sunrise Temple on Beacon Beach in order to save Twinkle, Edge sees the group enter, and stealthily follows them inside, much to the worry of Augie. When the heroes find Twinkle surrounded by Stooges, Edge arrives just in time to decimate them, much to the surprise of the other heroes. She then gains Twinkle's trust by showing it mercy, however the Giant Wildclaw arrives, and the heroes and Edge fight against it together.

After the Giant Wildclaw is defeated, Beep-0 tells Edge that they need Twinkle in order to enter the lighthouse to stop the Darkmess Tentacle. Augie arrives to congratulate the heroes, but upon seeing Edge, he gets scared, calling her a Spark Hunter in the process. Edge corrects him, and joins the heroes on their adventure.

When the heroes notice that Edge has history with the Spark Hunters, they begin to show concern. Before arriving at Terra Flora, JEANIE tells the heroes that Cursa's stronghold has a barrier around it, causing Beep-0 to ask Edge if she knows a way, telling her that she knew Midnite and Bedrock, and is suspicious about her. Edge gets angry and tells him that they do not want any of her business to become theirs.

Before arriving in Barrendale Mesa, Edge tells the group that she knows that the most devious Spark Hunter is there, and that they better find Momma before she does. When Daphne captures Momma, Edge becomes angry with her and tells the heroes to be cautious.

At Cursa's stronghold, a Darkmess copy of Edge is fought, known as Darkmess Edge. The group becomes worried, but Edge declares that Cursa does not know her at all. After the battle, Edge confesses that she was created by Cursa, and that she was formerly the leader of the Spark Hunters. She did not tell the others because she thought that they would not have a reason to believe her, but the group has many reasons, with JEANIE even declaring that Edge is part of their family. Edge thanks everyone, and they head out to stop Cursa.

After Cursa is defeated and Rosalina is saved, Rosalina questions Edge for what she will do next. Edge replies that the Spark Hunters are still alive, and with Cursa gone, they will have to find a new profession, and Edge decides to stay with the heroes.

Skill Trees[edit]

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope website[edit]

  • Official website: Edge is cool and independent. Her only motivation is to save the Sparks and the galaxy. Her sense of justice will not let her give up until her mission is accomplished![6]

Menu description[edit]

Edge's speed and skill allow her to target multiple enemies and damage each with a single action.


  • Technique: Stormblade
    • Range: 7m
    • Weapon DMG Usage: 140%
    • Cooldown: 3 turns
    • Charges: x1
  • Movement
    • Area of Movement: 13m
    • Glide: 3.75 sec
    • Dash: x1
    • Team Jump: 5m

Memory bio[edit]

Image for Edge Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
I will confess to having monitored Edge, for the simple reason that she is an enigma, making it difficult to know if she can be trusted fully.

What IS known, is that she is a skilled fighter, wielding her flying sword as if it were a part of her.

I do trust her, though I cannot explain why. Is it instinct? Wishful thinking? Hope? Perhaps it is all three, for what really is the difference?


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  • "JUST Edge."
  • "You gotta spaceship, huh? Guess you can ride sidecar with me - for a time. It's not like you can't use the help."
  • "Not a ghost. That's one a' Cursa's Spark Hunters."
  • "Let the girl go, Midnite. Ride with us. It's the smart play and you know it."
  • "Not just a Spark Hunter... I was their LEADER. Cursa gave me an EDGE, with just enough free will to lead - to think. That edge let me see Cursa for what it is - a black hole of greed leading to a bottomless pit of misery. Bedrock, Midnite, Daphne - I tried to turn them to the light, instead they turned on me. So I hit the road - tried to save what Sparks I could 'fore they got their hands on 'em. That's the truth of it. I didn't say anything 'cause I figured you didn't have a reason to believe me."


  • Lexie Kendrick
  • Toa Yukinari (Japanese)
  • Audrey Sourdive (French)
  • Maddalena Vadacca (Italian)[7]
  • Pepa Castro (Spanish)[8]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッジ[9]
Chinese (Simplified) 刀锋
Chinese (Traditional) 銳琪
Ruì qí
Yuki, a rare Chinese name
Dutch Edge -
French Edge -
German Rebella From "rebell" (rebel) and maybe the name "Bella"
Italian Edge -
Korean 에지
Portuguese Edge -
Spanish Edge -



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