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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle enemy
Calavera Portrait
Health Points 1100 / 3800
Area of Movement 4 Cells
Pipe Exit Range None
Chase Range None
Team Jump None
Dash None
Primary Weapon Grenaduck
100 DMG / 195 DMG
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique Scaredy Hero
Repels opponents
Secondary Technique Buckle Cover
Portable cover
Tertiary Technique
Shade Behind the Shield!
Calavera splash screen from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Splash screen featuring Calavera

Calavera (Spanish for "skull") is the midboss of Spooky Trails in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As his name suggests, he is an undead Rabbid with Day of the Dead attire, including an old top hat and an elaborate skull tattoo on the back of his head. He sits within a large, dilapidated wooden coffin, threaded with large, spiked vines that act as limbs. One vine carries Rabbid Yoshi for use as a weapon (although his portrait sprite depicts him holding a bomb instead), while another holds the coffin lid as a shield.

Calavera acts much like a Buckler, with his shield making him immune to weapon attacks from the front. His main attack involves him shaking and then squeezing Rabbid Yoshi, who then spits out a Grenaduck at heroes. Any Mega Blocks caught in the blast will be damaged. He can also force heroes to move away from him with a massive scream. Altogether, he makes it difficult for the heroes to stay in cover, which can leave them vulnerable to Calavera or his backup, which includes Spooky Ziggies, Smashers, and Peek-a-Boos.

When defeated, Calavera falls into a nearby well, and Rabbid Yoshi shoots him repeatedly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラベラ
Italian El Calavera -
Russian Эль Череп
El' Cherep
El Skull
Spanish Calavera Skull


  • If Calavera is Burned, he will use Rabbid Yoshi's head to smother the flame on his bottom vine after he stops running around.
  • Calavera shares the same death sound with the Pirabbid Plant.
  • Calavera is referred to as "el Calavera." The correct Spanish word for skull is "la calavera," as "calavera" is a feminine word. "El calavera" is a slang term for a Casanova.
  • In the background of a room in the Lava Pit, Calavera can seen on the box of skeletal Rabbid-shaped cookies labeled "Cala Cookies", which according to Beep-0 was used to feed the sleeping Chain Chomp.