Red Power Star

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The title of this article is from the English Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia which reportedly sourced some names from fan wikis. If a higher-priority source is found, then the current reference should be removed and the title moved to the higher-priority name, if applicable.

This article is about the red-colored Power Star from Super Mario Galaxy. For the item that turns Mario into Flying Mario from the same game, see Red Star.
The Red Power Star
Flying Mario looking up at the Red Power Star in Super Mario Galaxy.
The Red Power Star seen in the gate

The Red Power Star is a unique Power Star in Super Mario Galaxy. It is located only in the Gateway Galaxy after Mario enters the Gate in the Comet Observatory. There, Mario finds Rosalina as well as a red Luma who allows him to use Red Stars to become Flying Mario so he can collect 100 Purple Coins for the Red Power Star. After collecting the Red Power Star, Mario has access to Red Stars in the Comet Observatory and can fly around the place at his leisure.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Superstella rossa[1] Red power star


  • In Super Mario 64, a red-colored Star appears on the Title Screen in some parts of Mario's face's animations.
  • The texture for the Red Power Star is left over in Super Mario Galaxy 2, indicating that it may have been intended to reappear.