Star Haven

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The Star NPCs.
The main area before the Star Spirits Temple.
The Star Sanctuary compared to Mario and party member.
“Once we 7 Star Spirits are reunited in Star Haven, we can give you the power to fight Bowser even with his newfound strength.”
Klevar, Paper Mario

Star Haven is an area in the sky where Star residents live and most of the Star Kids aspire to go after they are raised by the Ninjis of Starborn Valley in the game Paper Mario. This is also where the seven Star Spirits live. Star Haven can be accessed from Shooting Star Summit via Star Way after Mario and his allies defeat the Crystal King.

Located within Star Haven are a shop, a Toad House, and a Save Block. It also provides transportation to the final area in the game, Bowser's Castle. Chuck Quizmo has a chance to appear by the bridge near the entrance here.

Characters found[edit]

Character Description Quotes Goombario from Paper Mario.
Goombario's Tattle
A Star Haven resident near the entrance of Star Haven.
  • "Good afternoon, ... or good evening, maybe? In Star Haven you can see stars all the time. There used to be a lot more shooting stars...but that was before the Star Rod was taken. The beauty of this place was incredible back then..."
  • "He's a Star Haven resident. He doesn't look well. Doesn't he know that we rescued all the Star Spirits?"
A Star Haven resident slightly to the east of the entrance of Star Haven.
  • "When I first heard that all the Star Spirits were captured and the Star Rod was stolen, I lost it. I figured, this is it! This is the end of the world! But now, all of the Star Spirits have safely returned. It just goes to show you never give up hope."
  • "He's a Star Haven resident. He looks like he doesn't have a care, even though Bowser still has the Star Rod. He probably thinks he can't help. Well, to tell the truth, he probably can't, but shouldn't he at least show a little bit of concern?"
A Star Haven resident near the stairs in Star Haven.
  • "When the news first hit that the Star Spirits had been taken away, a friend of mine was so shocked that he got sick. His shining light faded way down to a mere flicker. Since the Star Spirits have come back, he's regaining a healthy glow. You're a lightsaver, Mario!"
  • "It's a Star Haven resident. It's sad that these wish-granters aren't more energetic. Only the Star Spirits are lively."
A Star Haven resident on the road from the entrance to the sanctuary in Star Haven.
  • "Our precious Star Spirits have returned! Oh, happy day! It's all because of you! I guess we'll all 'wish upon a Mario' from now on! Every Star owes you, Mario!"
  • "It's a Star Haven resident. These guys believe that everything will be fine since the Star Spirits have returned. There's still work to be done! I mean, I'm sure it seems great to have the Star Spirits back, but the fight's not over!"
A Star Haven resident in the room in the northwest of Star Haven.
  • "It gives me great joy to hear of the Star Spirits' return. Our only wish now is for the return of the Star Rod. It seems so odd...a Star making a wish!"
  • "It's a Star Haven resident. He's filled with hope, now that the Star Spirits are back. It must be tough to wish on a Star when you happen to be a Star yourself."
Star Haven Shop runner
A Star Haven resident running the Star Haven Shop.
  • "Welcome to Star Haven Shop. What is your wish?"
  • "I'll buy x for y coins. Is that agreeable?"
  • "Thank you kindly."
  • "Oh. I understand."
  • "This Star sells things in this shop. He also checks and buys items. There must be some extremely rare items here. Did you find anything good, Mario?"
Toad House runner
A Star Haven resident running the Toad House in Star Haven
  • "Hello! Need a little rest?"
  • "...Are you sure? You seem pretty healthy to me. Even so, would you care to stay over anyway?"
  • "Please relax."
  • "Did you sleep well? Take care! Bye!"
  • "See you again soon!"
  • "He's running an inn. It's just like a Toad House. I never thought we'd find one in Star Haven. This is the first time I've seen a Toad House with no Toad."

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "It's Star Haven. This place is so peaceful!"
  • "This building... No, not building... This palace is incredible! Look at this architecture, Mario!"
  • "Everything seems to be shining and glittering in here. I feel like I should shield my eyes or something."
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In-game map description[edit]

  • In the haven of the stars, wishes really do come true. The palace of the Star Spirits, the Star Sanctuary, is here.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の国
Hoshi no Kuni
Star Land
Chinese 星之国
Xīng Zhī Guó
Star Land
French Havre Étoile Star Haven
German Sternenhafen Star Harbor
Spanish Refugio Estelar Stellar Shelter