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This article is about Lakilester's move from Paper Mario. For the kart part from Mario Kart 7, see Cloud 9. For the Nintendo Comics System issue, see Cloud Nine (comic).
A Spiked Goomba failed to attack because of Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is one of Lakilester's attacks in the game Paper Mario. The effect is that he creates a cloud that boosts Mario's evasiveness so that enemy attacks are likely to miss him. All the player has to do to get the best effect is press A Button as the red stars light up. Cloud Nine is a Super Rank attack and costs four Flower Points. Cloud Nine's name comes from the idiom "cloud nine," meaning "state of great happiness or dreaminess."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くもがくれ[1]
Chinese 掩护云
Yǎnhù Yún
Covering Cloud
German Wolke Nr. 9 Cloud No. 9

See also[edit]

  • Outta Sight, an attack used by Bow with a similar effect that makes Mario invisible for one or more turns, making him invulnerable to all attacks.
  • Water Block, an attack with a similar action command that increases Mario's defense, used by Sushie.
  • Turbo Charge, an attack with a similar action command that increases Mario's attack power, used by Watt.


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