Cloud Nine

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This article is about Lakilester's move from Paper Mario. For the kart part from Mario Kart 7, see Cloud 9. For the Nintendo Comics System issue, see Cloud Nine (comic).
Paper Mario move
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine
Mastered by Lakilester
Rank Super Rank
Effect Lakilester wraps Mario in a cloud, boosting his evasion.
Target Mario

Cloud Nine is a move mastered by Lakilester upon reaching Super Rank in Paper Mario. At the cost of 4 FP, Lakilester will create a cloud around Mario which boosts his evasion rate to 50/101. However, this will overwrite the evasion given by other badges, and they will not provide any effect while Cloud Nine is active.

Cloud Nine's duration will depend on how well the Action Command is performed: the player must press A Button as the red stars light up, and each successful input will add a turn to the cloud, up to a maximum of 4 turns in total. Reapplying the move while it is in effect will not extend its counter, but simply reset it.

Cloud Nine's name comes from the idiom "cloud nine", meaning "a state of great happiness or dreaminess".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くもがくれ[1]
Chinese 掩护云
Yǎnhù Yún
Covering Cloud
German Wolke Nr. 9 Cloud No. 9
Spanish (NOE) Refugio Nube[2] Cloud Shelter


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