Bubble Berry

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Bubble Berry
PaperMario Items BubbleBerry.png
Paper Mario description A berry found in Flower Fields. Restores 5 HP.

A Bubble Berry is one of the berries found only in Flower Fields in Paper Mario. In the lower right path of the Flower Fields main hub, a trail will lead Mario to a dry pool. Two docks on either side are used for Mario to ride Sushie over to the Bubble Berry Tree in the middle of the pool (if there is any water in the pool). Unless the Water Stone is put back in the spring near Lily, the tree will be too high to reach. The Bubble Berry is used in a slightly different way than the other Berries. The Bubble Plant requires a Bubble Berry in order to blow a giant Bubble that will ferry Mario to the other side of a sea of thorns.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Bubble Berry Tasty Tonic

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャボンのみ[1]
Shabon no Mi
Bubble Berry

Chinese 泡泡浆果
Pàopao Jiāngguǒ
Bubble Berry


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