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Point Swap
Point Swap.PNG
The Thousand-Year Door Description Swaps your partner's HP and FP. (Cannot exceed max.)

Point Swaps are items found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They are commonly sold at Glitzville Shop for five coins each. When used, this item will allow Mario or his partner to switch their HP and FP. This does not allow either stat to exceed its normal maximum; any "overflow" points are simply lost. Using a Point Swap when FP is 0 will successfully reduce the target's HP to 0, and apply whatever consequences normally occur.


Cooking a Point Swap with another item has various results. For restoration items, an HP-restoring item will usually turn into an FP-restoring item of the same amount and vice versa. For attack and status items, the result is often an item that is conceptually the reverse or opposite of the first item, and again is usually reversible. Point Swap recipes aren't recorded in the Recipes journal except for those that create Poison Shrooms.

List of reversible Point Swap recipes[edit]

Item 1 Item 2
Point Swap.PNG HoneySyrup PM2.png
Honey Syrup
Super Shroom
Point Swap.PNG Maple Syrup.PNG
Maple Syrup
Ultra Shroom
Point Swap.PNG JamminJelly PM2.png
Jammin' Jelly
Fire Flower
Point Swap.PNG IceStorm.PNG
Ice Storm
Tasty Tonic
Point Swap.PNG Sleepy Sheep TTYD.png
Sleepy Sheep
Earth Quake TTYD.png
Earth Quake
Point Swap.PNG Thunderbolt 2.png
Thunder Bolt
Power Punch TTYD.png
Power Punch
Point Swap.PNG Mini Mr. Mini TTYD.png
Mini Mr. Mini
Mr. Softener
Point Swap.PNG ShellofCourage.PNG
Courage Shell
Repel Cape TTYD.png
Repel Cape
Point Swap.PNG BoosSheet.png
Boo's Sheet
Spite Pouch.PNG
Spite Pouch
Point Swap.PNG RuinPowderTTYD.PNG
Ruin Powder
Thunder Rage
Point Swap.PNG ShootingStarDoor.PNG
Shooting Star

List of non-reversible Point Swap recipes[edit]

Original item Point Swap Resulting item
Volt Shroom TTYD.png
Volt Shroom
Point Swap.PNG ShroomSuperTTYD.PNG
Super Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.png
Life Shroom
Point Swap.PNG ShroomSuperTTYD.PNG
Super Shroom
Slow Shroom
Point Swap.PNG PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNG
Poison Shroom
DriedShroom PM2.png
Dried Shroom
Point Swap.PNG MushroomTTYD.png
Poison Shroom
Point Swap.PNG MushroomTTYD.png
Gold Bar
Point Swap.PNG MushroomTTYD.png
Gold Bar x3
Point Swap.PNG GoldBarSingle.PNG
Gold Bar

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イレカエール
German Punktetausch Point Exchange